Idea to prevent the disappearance of mobs, beginnings related to CMB with the appearance of the exodii

I am quite interested in the idea of ​​the exodi faction and the possibilities that may appear with their arrival, but I have realized from what I read that some mobs have to be removed or modified, as well as the beginnings related to the bionics

So I started to think a bit about what I have seen about the history of the faction and all that

and I realized that it is not entirely necessary for the mobs or priferations related to CMB to disappear, I do not know if it has already been discussed before either in discord or here in the forums but where does it go

I think it would be simpler if the description was only changed to all the professions and mobs that have a relationship with the CMB to travelers or exodii monsters, I understand that the exodii faxion are humans who come from another dimension with greater technology but that I manage to implement The biajes between dimensions, from what I understood it spends a lot of energy and resources, in addition to the fact that your world is also under the effects of a cataclysm

Seeing all these factors, I do not believe that all the exodii sibilization (or the survivors of its reality) were able to perform the jump simultaneously and in the same location, so each jump that was isolated could have had its variables such as failures in the calculations, they were in the middle of a confrontation against zeds or some other monster, a premature jump (in its experimental stage) that was successful for what came before our reality (not before the cataclysm, perhaps in its beginnings) or that was a complete failure and that the participants of the experiment died and became monsters or zeds (which would explain the existence of mobs like the zomborg or the broken siborgs), or maybe you see a jump that disintegrated all the living matter and only left the equipment and was found and transferred to a laboratory for research (which would explain that there are CMB in laboratories or other places, that way they would not have to eliminate them from laboratories and other places beef)

And with the prophecies the same could be applied, the broken siborg prophecy could be because you participated (voluntarily or not) in a jump experiment that went wrong, you survived but all the bionics broke in the jump, or some bionic profession was The same could apply, you participated in a premature jump experiment (voluntary or not) and it went perfectly well, communications were cut and you were left alone (it could also be that they forced you, in that way it would explain that you do not have initial relationships with the faction ) and decide to go on your own
Specialized professions? They can be exodii sent with a specific urination (that would explain the initial equipment and bionics), maybe communications were lost and you go on your own

As I said, there are many variables to consider with the faction, we know that the cataclysm goes from dimension to dimension, so despite the fact that they are a more widely thought out, their cataclysm may have occurred long before ours and by when they will try to do it. the jumps the cataclysm of our earth has just started (which would explain bionic prophecies in the early game) obviously due to valanse issues the bionic prophecies of an early game could be inferior to those of a late start in some cases

also remember that in your reality a cataclysm is also occurring, so we can assume that there may be multiple factions and monsters facing each other and it may be at a more chaotic level (since their technological level is higher and even so they had to change their size ) so it would not be rare to find a faction similar to the exodii but ostile or creatures or exodii mobs that are in possession of a portal invade it in the chaos or created their own by stealing the investigations of the exodii

Other professions could be human people who found the exodii equipment of some failed trip and then they start with some exodii equipment or use them as test subjects in some laboratory that managed to recover some exodii bionic from some failed jump

As I said, there are many variables that can be taken into account that would prevent the elimination of some enemies or locations with CMB (although in the case of laboratories they could increase the rareness of bionics and place the possibility of finding some other exodii equipment)

I don’t know what you think of the idea? I would like to know what you think

It is a good way to avoid the disappearance of many beginnings, professions and enemies and instead adds the possibility of adding more variety in the future (cof belt feed adapter cof cof)

PS: I wrote all this in the google translator in case there are many errors hehe

You can make a mod to keep all the bionics in the zombies if you want, but they’re pretty adamant on keeping CBM’s exodii only, due to the fact that they won’t have to explain why someone has a shotgun implanted in their arm or why would the US leave automatic robot mech walkers running around.

Also, the exodii don’t jump to dimensions they know aren’t blob infested, otherwise they just doom that timeline - the previous dimension/reality was set during the ancient times, think 1000 BC, just about when the Roman Empire was still at large.