Exodii Faction vs faction relations

I haven’t heard much talk about this, but what is the Exodii relationship to other factions?

They’re on a long term escape plan from the blob, so that relation is clear. The mycus is only interested in assimilation, and so there can not be any relations with them. The mi-go are opportunistic slavers, and there’s nothing indicating they have any interest in any other relation with others than as slave material. The slime isn’t something you can have relations to.
Thus, the Exodii can’t really have any relations to non human factions. When it comes to human factions, I’d expect the Exodii to have arrived too recently and the human factions to have formed too recently for there to be any relations at the start of the game.
This ought to provide room for relations to evolve differently in different games, although I doubt there will be much of that in the near term (other things are more important to work on).

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Fair deal, though I do wonder in future context if each faction will have a different reaction to the Exodii and a cyberized player. I remember that was a discussion before’ about the concept on factions reacting differently depending on the player state (Mutant/cyber/Normal). Mechanically this is content that wont be around for awhile, but the lore on the matter would be an interesting concept to explore.

Like will the old guard want to capture the exodii for their technology? make trade deals for their support. Will the free merchants be skeptical of dealing with anymore other worldly denizens? Or will they just go “meh”.

Though I guess that doesn’t matter till the Exodii are more fleshout. Heh, cyborg, flesh, heh.

The old guard could go different ways. They could try to assert superiority (going hostile), they could try to stay neutral, they could try to trade for tech, and they could try to buy mercenary support from them (although I don’t really see how they’d be able to pay enough for that to be worth it to the Exodii: it would have to be hard to get resources they need). The development may be random (by the game) or influenced by player actions.
The Free Merchants would probably want to trade or be neutral.
Raider factions with some brains remaining might want to establish a trade relation.

There’s definitely room for factions that are pro/anti mutant/cyborg, but you’d really need a larger number of factions for that to work without severely restricting the players options.

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I think how factions interact other than “attack on sight/ ignore while in reality bubble” would be better served in the future with code that makes factions as a group interact with the world they are around.

ie: patrols, raids, looting runs, clear missions, trade convoys, etc on a faction level.

Of course, then you get into a totally different game.

The only faction that operates on an overmap level somewhat is the wandering zombie hordes on that level. Maybe even the Mycus.

Other closest would be your faction camp. You send people on “jobs” to places, but they disappear. You can send someone into woods, but you cant go to the woods to find them.

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