Will we can have family or couple in the future? or are we destine to be forever alone?

as the title said can we someday get a family? having romantic relationship and such, including having kid, not sure for heavily augmented cyborg but the mutant may can have kid with similar mutation type.


This has been discussed several times in the past…

There are technical hurdles in that you’d have to program kid behavior, some people think there’s an ethical dilemma with killable kids (there are legal hurdles for commercial games, but this isn’t commercial, apart from the Steam offshoot which isn’t relevant for us), and there’s a game play issue in that the game runs out of new content in a year or so which means you’d spend many years on the same mechanics. There’s also a lore issue in that the world is slowly becoming unlivable for humans (and mutants and cyborgs), although the lore doesn’t specify whether that is a going to happen in a decade, a century, or, at the absolute best, millennium. The “going further to hell” part of the decline hasn’t been implemented, and there’s nobody committed to implement it, as far as I know (the later the content the fewer characters are going to stay alive long enough to experience it, so the reward of implementing it is limited).

You can role play a couple using the existing companion system, but there’s no underlying support for “special” companions with a status different from the others.

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well we already have child zombie and kid mutant though…
and i remember reading the wiki theres a faction that travel from another parallel world anyway.

There is a mod for that called “reproduction-mod,” but it’s no longer being maintained, its mechanics are kinda hackish and lacking in depth, and of course it’s pretty infamous due to the mod coming in two separate versions, one being a “consent only” version, and the other, well… not being “consent-only.” I have the “consent only” version in my data folder, and loaded in my current world’s mods, and I’ve made some small edits on my end to keep it usable, but to this day I’ve never actually used any of its features in-game (aside from simply having some of the traits included on characters), so I can’t really say how much I’d recommend it based on its impact on gameplay.

TLDR: you’re going to have to program your own dating sim

I don’t think its “going further to hell” as much as it is slowly adapting to the invasive species. But from what I can gleam from the speculative epilogue notes on factions, most humans who are still “pure” consolidate to the remaining places still under military control, and the fungus takes over most of the farmland but may possibly be kept in check by the triffids.
Asides from that most species of small animals evolve into becoming bigger than their predators (like moles and frogs) and predatory animals compensate by mutating into weird things (like coyotes evolving poisonous saliva).
In short it doesn’t become unlivable for humans as there is still a functioning government (like the military enclave) however famine may be a problem like with ancient china or pre-medieval medatairan civilization, and much of the land is forfeited to invasive species.

Not based on the supposed Exodii behavior of staying in a dimension for an unspecified amount of time before jumping to the next one when things get too bad (those “overpowered” guns of theirs are meant to counter the last and worst threats which are supposed to appear before they’re pulling out). They apparently were very lucky with this jump, as they arrived just after the Cataclysm, which implies that they sometimes arrive later and have to stay for a shorter amount of time.
Of course, the last humans (who have nowhere to run) may possibly survive a little bit longer before getting killed off (by getting overrun, attrition, or starvation). Supposedly the biosphere will get completely inhospitable to terrestial life eventually, although a hermetically sealed deep underground vault might be able to survive until its resources and recycling capabilities break down, assuming mega monsters won’t dig through the rock, which may or may not happen.

why be so pessimistic if you to make more people? we’ve survived the ice age with only stone/bronze tools and we had to deal with things like mega-sloths.

If mega-sloths are anything like normal sloths dealing with them was not just easy but desirable. Free meat that doesnt run away. Though from what I heard sloths are stinky and dirty and infested with all manner of parasites and only the most desperate predators eat them.
Anyway Ice Age was much easier to live through than in any modern forest, there was plentiful food available back then (think bison herds in America before they were hunted down), biggest threats became non-threats if you lived in a group - tigers are afraid even of bears, not just spear wielding humans.

Anyway there’s so far not any confirmation that having kids is safe at all. What if the child zombifies in the fetal stage and/or rapidly grows like insects do leaving you with a human sized fetus chestbursting like an Alien?

I fail to understand the first sentence of Bio’s post as it looks like one or more important words are missing.

The lore indicates the changes are eventually going to exceed those of the greatest extinction events in Earth’s history, not just piddly little changes like an ice age or a runaway temperature increase (which are bad, but pale in comparison).
It can be noted that I’m not a fan of the lore’s guaranteed extinction, but rather would want there to be a chance.

I don’t think mega-sloths were dangerous in themselves. Enormous herbivores should only be a danger when threatened (e.g. by humans trying to kill them). They couldn’t have been as slow as current day sloths, though.

A newborn child is somewhere in the borderland of where zombiefication happens, so a fetus dying should just result of a spontaneous abortion. There is nothing currently that indicates mutated offspring is produced by unmutated parents, so there’s nothing indicating that would happen to humans.

It can also be noted that having kids isn’t safe: there are lots of potential complications, both during pregnancy and after, and that’s in the real world, so it would only be worse in a post cataclysmic world.

Keep in mind, the Exodii also have their own religious-esque beliefs regarding both the Blob, and beings affected by the Blob, that would motivate them to leave a given planet regardless of whether or not there’s a chance for life to continue existing on the planet long-term. I don’t know if it’s been implemented yet, but the plan for the Exodii has been for them to be explicitly hostile toward mutants, with no chance of negotiation, because even a mutant who maintains their identity/personality is seen as an extension of the Blob, and therefore anything that could potentially be helpful to a mutant (like trade) would be helping the Blob by extension.

It’s also unclear whether or not the supposed biosphere changes would be as much of a threat to mutant/alien life as it would be to pre-cataclysm life forms - plus, I think the devs have also stated that their own lore regarding what would or wouldn’t occur far enough into the future for it to not matter for gameplay purposes can just be ignored by the players, who can use whatever headcanon they want for the world their characters exist in, and whose characters also aren’t supposed to ever be able to meaningfully understand just what the hell the Cataclysm actually is, let alone what caused it to happen.

This is especially the case with mods; like I mentioned before, there is a mod that was made a while ago specifically for the purposes of the things this post was originally asking about. After looking over the files and making changes on my own end to make sure it’s still somewhat usable in updated versions of the game, I can definitely say that the mod itself isn’t nearly as complicated as one might expect a mod of its kind to be. If someone wants to make/maintain a mod for these purposes, it shouldn’t be too hard to take the mod I mentioned earlier and update/change it to be compatible with current game versions and have more refinement/depth.

I fail to see that the Exodii trading with not yet fully assimilated creatures would make even an insignificant difference to the blob. From a logical standpoint, they’re scavenging what they can before it’s time to pull up the tent poles and move on, and whatever is left behind is lost. Thus, what should matter to them is whether they end up in a better position after a trade, with the very big caveat that nothing they do should leave anything behind that would somehow allow the blob to trace them when/if they eventually escape, so their portal tech may be sensitive.
Another issue might be bringing anything of the blob along for the ride, but given that all organic material, at least post cataclysm, is impregnated, that’s essentially impossible, but I could see that being a barrier for mutants to be adopted.

However, I haven’t seen much of any religious type beliefs from them.

Their religious beliefs were described in the faction lore documents, last time I checked. Also, the devs have said that they eventually plan to make the Exodii instantly hostile not just to “fully assimilated creatures,” but to anyone and anything that shows any evidence of having been mutated.

It’s also why the Exodii have given up the vast majority of their old bodies, in favor of having robotic bodies, with only their brains and the vital organs needed to sustain the brains allowed to remain alive and contained in those robot bodies. All flesh is vulnerable to being affected by the Blob, so eliminating as much of their own flesh as they can and keeping only the minimal amount required for survival is part of how they try to protect themselves from the Blob’s influence.

I’ve also had conversations with Erk about how I would be able to make a mod that would allow mutants to trade with the Exodii in a way that would be as lore-friendly as possible, and while he did suggest that Rubik’s semi-agnostic attitude could be used as part of an explanation for how mutants might still be able to interact with the Exodii in any manner that doesn’t involve being shot at on sight, he still indicated that doing so would still require a divergence from canon, even if said divergence is as small as it can possibly be.