Idea: Firing/Shooting range

I’ve searched in the Cataclysm DDA wiki and haven’t found anything about firing/shooting range.

So do you have any advice about creating a building? Can it be multi-tile (Rectangular)? I mean, I expect it to be like a 2x1 maybe I could work with a 2x2 if it needs to be a square because I think I’ve not seen a non-square shape with buildings.

Any tips and/or tricks about coding a building?

I can learn if I watch some .json about buildings but I assume I will need more things like: spawnrate of the building itself in the world, situation of the building like , a shooting range won’t be in middle of a town or city or near a hospital , it should be like a little further near a forest and they should be sparse like there shouldn’t be much of these, as well as figure out the loot found inside , the kind of monsters that could await there (Though there could be almost anything you could encounter anywhere, in exception of some monsters of course).

So what do you think guys? I’ll be glad to hear all your advice, critics, suggestions, etc.
Thanks for your attention and time! :smiley:

Already have a gun range located in gun store

Yeah, there’s already a firing range in a gun shop. In real life, though, I’ve never been to a gun shop that had a firing range attached to it. I have been to rural firing ranges like what you’re describing. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t implement those standalone areas into the game.

Variety is the spice of life.

If it needed a reason to support the fact of being added I would imagine that people went to the firing/Shooting range to practice with long ranged weaponry such as assault rifles , sniper rifles , DMRs , etc. because in a gun store there is not the amount of space that the building I propose could provide. And I completely agree with having variety in the game! :smiley:

Basically, you would first have to come up with some form of target. Probably something based on a turret but with no weapons and an insane amount of cutting armor. Otherwise, shooting at anything that isn’t a creature of some sort will never make your skill increase.

Then just make a building in JSON, have it spawn near highways, and have a bunch of target creatures spawn in it. There are a number of mods that add buildings that you can use as a guide.

So the target_practice has to be a creature/object, creature due to the game mechanics because if it’s not it won’t increase the skill but it needs to be as well a object because , I mean it’s a target IRL it’s obviusly an object. Is there any way to make a hybrid between both?

Like I said, you’ll probably want to base it off of existing gun turrets. Make one with lots of cutting armor and no weapons and it should serve nicely. Add a crafting recipe for the inactive version and deploy it as normal. Not totally sure you can do it all through JSON, but you can have a look.

I’ll try what you’ve told me! Thanks! Do you have any tips or advice on this?

Look at the files in some existing mods and in the base game to learn how things work. Copy/paste those into your own files and change things to your liking.

Just mess around. You’ll learn more that way, and it’s not like you can really break anything.

Nothing overly special about the real gun range areas we have in the New England area. Some areas are secluded for purpose of safety. Some townships flatly ignore safety though even when it is illegal for the town council to allow locales.

Sadly not even joking. It makes the papers from time to time that the local governing council groups will actually allow a down fire gun range to be erected in residential zones. Which is completely asinine and illegal. But this happens irl. Even when spent bullets can be picked up in backyards! >_<

I mean wtf, right?

It sounds dangerous as hell. In my country guns are prohibited for citizens to have them. Or at least they are very limited and the government is very strict about it.

How’s anyone going to hurt someone with a spent casing? Trip and fall on it?

o_O Uh, well, they’re hot, maybe?

I thought that he meant they find ricochets or bullets that miss the backstop.

Hot isn’t a problem if you’re wearing shoes.

Actual bullets makes sense though, you’re probably right.

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Spent bullets. Not the casing lol

As in a city council member several months ago was walking in his back yard and picked up a few bullets from the firing range that was erected against his vote. When he brought evidence of this to the council to complain. They acknowledged it was illegal to have allowed it but now the gun group spent money and erected a few buildings as well as the range. So it(the council members complaint) was dismissed…again…not even the first time. Nor was it a unique situation for the area(as in the new england area). Go figure.

So Jownky, are you working on it? I’d love to give it a go otherwise. :slight_smile:

I was working on it but saw that another person thought the same as me and made a PR about it and I think it’s already implemented in the game so, all good! You can go test it right now! :smiley:

Do they have the “turret” target?

Seems it has some sort of target furniture, but I’m not sure if they set up the code so you can get skill experience from it.