Idea: Firing/Shooting range


So if we shoot at an object the game does not think is a monster/npc. The toon doesn’t gain experience for shooting?

Not sure if I ever noticed this…not that I shoot walls much unless trapped.


Correct, unless some change to that happened recently that I missed.


Ahh…I see. So the room would have to have a target with a large HP count to be a target in order to gain. Interesting…but this makes me also ponder something. It would have to be shot or take damage enough to break and as such, a logical conclusion would be also to be able to move another object in it’s place…

Running idea here, bear with me.

So I see a problem. If we have gain targets right? Everything in game can break. We would need a target to gain from but also something that can some how be physically moved. So even if we have target paper or target dummies. Those items would have to be able to move or picked up by the player.

I assume we don’t have this?


Once again, you could probably make a turret without weapons to make a simple paper target.


But I meant like a rubber dummy with a chesthole tile kinda deally. Plus I was thinking a tile showing a paper target on a pole =D


Oh I see, you want it to have a texture. That has to be done within the texture pack, so you either do it yourself, or the texture pack has to be modified.


The only issue I’d see with a target is that it could cause an issue with monsters attacking it instead of the players. Or that NPCs would start smacking it. Not sure how to deal with that.


Give it really high cutting resistance but no bash resistance and only a few hitpoints. Bullets will bounce off but a zombie could tear it apart in a few hits. Doesn’t help if something with cutting/piercing damage attacks it, but that’s reasonably rare.

Write it off as it being human shaped, so zombies/turrets shoot at it out of confusion.