Shooting ranges

Loot would include spent casings scattered around and in trash barrels. Sometimes a corpse or three with guns and unfired ammo.
Would have a chance of spawning within 10 tiles of any town, increased chance if nearest town has 2 or more gun stores.

Sometimes spawns next to roads, in which case they may have some nicer facilities including bathrooms, kitchen, lounge area, and possibly a small gun and/or ammo store.

Otherwise, they would spawn in the woods, and have only a porta john. This kind of shooting range would have an increased chance of spawning in the general vicinity of an LMOE shelter.

Love the idea.

Like it! There could be some chance of it been barricaded as some houses, since with lots of ammo and people knowing how to use it, maybe some survivors tried to make it a base.


It would also be awesome to put the shooting’s range spawngroup of items into the shooting prctice things in the gun shops.

I like it!