0.A: Some things that don't make sense

Just a list of things that may or may not be bugs, but perhaps should have a better explanation in the story.

Machines have enough power to scan credit cards and id cards, but not enough power to give your id cards back, or refrigerate their contents.

When on the staircase with no space for zombies to go, like on a cathedral outer staircase, if a zombie tries to follow you down a staircase, you will become paralyzed until you die.

Querns require 6 stones and a stick, even though they are really just one big stone with a stick.

Querns require 6 stones and a stick, even though they are really just one big stone with a stick.

I think, there could be a large boulder item which spawns in fields and forests.

The vending machine lack of refrigeration was an oversight which should hopefully be corrected fairly soon. ID card readers work that way simply because that’s how they’ve always worked and nobody has changed it yet. The staircase thing is a definite bug, and I’m pretty sure the quern idea is that you are using several smaller stones bound together in place of a single larger stone.

Always figured the bunkers/labs had some sort of independent power system, what with all the turrets and all. I suppose the lights should still work if thats the case though.

Turrets have their own internal power supply, I suppose.

I assume card readers eating ID cards is a gameplay feature, to force the player to (for example) be choosy about what they take from a military bunker.

Since there are plutonim cells, power armor, CBM’s, plasma engines and atomic night lights, why there couldn’t be some kind of long-lasting power source for ATMs and ID Consoles in near future? I assure you, banks would be first ones to use any kind of those on ATM’s even pre-war, to reduce dependancy from power failures or powerlines of “place-renting” organisations.

Querns (mill stones) can be different, not only “one big stone”.

If the card reader were to be fixed so that I.D cards were reusable, then I.D. cards would also have to spawn less to balance the game. I think the current spawn rate is fine, but then again I always explore labs, meaning I DON’T want the current rate to change.