I want a "spanish Reviewer"


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Well. I am a CDDA lover and free software lover and my natural language is spanish.

And other times I have colaborated in the translation of spanish (for example http://pushover.sourceforge.net/ and of course CDDA and others projects).

But I have saw in the transifex that in spanish translation there are a lot of strings to validate o review…and I want to colaborate but the register action in the forum is down.

Where do I ask for the “string reviewer”?


Here is the instruction - https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/blob/master/doc/TRANSLATING.md

Well, it is a good link…but it is not the answer of my question.

Maybe, I didn’t write it correct (I am spanish).

How do I become a “rewiever” in transifex? Because the spanish translation has a lot strings without validation/“to review”.

Regards and thanks.

He told you. Follow the instructi9ns.

You just register on Transifex, join cdda translation project and start translating/reviewing. That’s all.

Yes, I was register in Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/user/profile/tres.14159/ ) since 2015, and I was translating into spanish a lot of strings.

But to review, it is necesary to be a “reviewer” (a user role https://docs.transifex.com/teams/understanding-user-roles). And in the spanish team, I and nobody are “reviewer” https://www.transifex.com/cataclysm-dda-translators/teams/2217/es_ES/ .

I want not to be rude…but maybe I didn’t write this case correcty.

Thanks, regards.

I see, you aren’t looking to TRANSLATE the game (I assume your english isn’t strong enough based on the miscommunication of intent and grammatical usage in your posts), but you want to review what has already BEEN translated into Spanish to make sure it actually makes sense in the Spanish language and wasn’t a hacked together translation using something like google translate.

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Yes, yes, thanks.

Somebody (the transifex does not show in notification who set it) sets me as “reviewer”…well only I can say… “thanks”.


Ah, I see - you’ve meant transifex review action. I guess you should contact manager of cdda project or coordinators of spanish language team and ask them to promote you.

Youre the translator?
Can you abbreviate some long words like “Primavera”?
These cant fit right in the UI.
The Argentina translator guy is still active?

Yes, yes, I am one of spanish (es-es) translators.

Ok, more or less at the next monday I will change it.

One question, is there a option un Transifex to filter translations that they are “overflow” the size of original string? It is for to clean all strings with this problem.

Oh sorry, I don’t know the guy of argentina translations.

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Thanks for all the answers.

  • Need to switch to spanish-spain for the abbreviate version? Or Argie work too?

“One question, is there a option un Transifex to filter translations that they are “overflow” the size of original string? It is for to clean all strings with this problem.” Thats one is for me? Because I have no idea whats that.

Well, I was looking for to set the limit size on internet…but I did not find the solution. And I have made the question in the mailing list of Gettext.

While we wait the response, I changed the text for Primavera.


Could you check it is correct?

I cannot see the link without register. I check later.
Primavera = Primav, Invierno = Invier
Just enough to fit in the UI.
Maybe this problem is for people that work in “low” res like me, I use 1024x768.
Anyway, thanks for your work.
Question: Need to switch to spanish-spain or I can stay in spanish-argen?
Also: Its not a big deal, I can check the time with ALT+1 (just discover that one)

Well, there is a answer in the mailing list of Gettext http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gettext/2018-03/msg00015.html And it says that there is not a param or something to limit the size of translation.

Then I can change the problematic translations, at the moment are:

  • Primavera
  • invierno

isn’t it?

Sorry I do not understand your question about spanish-argen.

1: Thanks for your effort
2: Not a real problem because there are other ways to read the time
3: If you correct the SPANISH-SPAIN version that means the SPANISH-ARGENTINA version need correction too?
4: Yes, only word longer than english version, like Primavera and Invierno.
Verano = Summer its ok, and Otoño too.
I repeat: Not a big deal, I try correct myself but cannot find string in files.

Well. It is done, the short words in each translations (es-ES y es-AR).

if you find more translations to fix, don’t worry we can make this work :wink: .

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In 7304 still not. Maybe later.
Finally I can see the time in my 1024x768 :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, sorry, I don’t understant…What is 7304?

In the build 7304 still long word. They add translations every few days.
If you want I tell you if the change is already in experimental.