I want a "spanish Reviewer"


Oh, I like this. Can I somehow contribute too?


It sounds awesome. Do you know some spanish?


The guy that do the Argentina version did a impressive job.
Only the insult part are a bit odd.


No, I mean I’d like to contribute in my language. I don’t know Spanish, sorry. Just asking if the same is possible in other languages.


I dont forget about the translation. Its just they never add your changes.
The words are still too long for the UI in ver.7628


Sorry. Which words are too long?


Primavera, Invierno.
Above you say “its done” but never see the changes in any of the experimental.
Maybe is not in spanish-argentina?


Yes, they are not correct in “spanish-argentina”…well they are fixed (in transifex), although I am working in the spanish-spain (because it is my language).


Already suspect that :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, don’t worry. The languages spanish from south american countries are little diferent.


Hi, sorry I haven’t been active in this forum…
I’m doing the argentinian version. I’m still working on it, maybe not so often like before.
But I really need someone that plays the game on argentinian and tell me that weird translation problems, so Belcanzor, te mando mensaje privado.