I upgraded and now can't find my favorite tileset

So I just upgraded my version of Cataclysm from 0.D-5855 to 0.D-10265, but now the tileset MSX++DEAD_PEOPLE, which I really liked and used all the time, is not available in the options menu. Does anyone here know if I can download it somewhere? I’m about to try moving the files for that tileset to the newer version’s location if I can find them, but since new stuff probably got added in the newer versions this has every chance of not working. I also kinda don’t like the other tilesets in my options menu. If someone suggests another way that will work, it will be greatly appreciated.
Ideas, anyone?


The tileset is not mainlined anymore. It might be important to you to at least search through the thread to learn why.

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Uh, I’m certain it’s still maintained (Even if it’s someone else maintaining it). The last update to the tileset was December 16th, AKA today.
But thanks anyway! I’ll see if I can use it if I download it from that thread.
Edit: Oh wait you said mainlined, not maintained. Duh. I’ll check though, thanks a lot!

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There were copywrited/borrowed assets in the tileset and the artist doesnt care to remove it is the gist IIRC