I think that houses with gardens would be a great way to buff farming

Since tbh, farms aren’t that common, and gardening stores might well be ignored by the player most of the time. Also, maybe lower the amount of time it takes to till a tile from 30m to 10m?

That would be pretty neat, like a small glass greenhouse on the back of a house. Maybe some crates with seeds and stuff.

That’s already in. There’s a type of house that spawns with a small backyard garden where one can find seeds and fruits/vegetables. Inside you’ll find a room with a large-ish amount of seeds and some gardening tools. If I recall correctly, this type of house also features a few harvestable fruit trees in it’s backyard, but I’m not sure about that one.

I’ve honestly never seen that, and I’ve traversed enough of the map that my savegame is 600MB. Are you sure it’s not from a mod, or perhaps added in the past two or so weeks?

I’ve seen the house ever since 5000 and before. I’ve almost never seen an Elephant Gun or ammo.

Ah crap, really? Or wait, are you referring to the “luxury” ones with berries in front? I had a more proper garden in mind, with veggies and such.

Also, I found one :wink:

I agree, veggie gardens would be a great thing to have attached to some houses.

Really? I’ve found (my only) an elephant gun in a mansion quite recently, the only bullet was the one chambered though lol, I’m sure I found an AK of some sort along side it and used that though. Where does .700 usually drop anyway?

Pawn shops apparently, it’s just stupidly rare and spawns 5 at a time(and most of the time you’ll only have the one round you found), while the reload recipe is for a batch of 30 - which IMO Is the part to adjust, before the others.