Some farm variants

We have farms of the most basic kind. potatos, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, etc etc. these farms are all over the place and yet there is some things none of them seem to be doing. Orchards. We’ve got wild fruit trees all over the place sure, but you cant tell me not a single one of these farms works as an orchard? Also, what about the bees? The cultivation of bees and their products is a profitable business. I know of a few beekeeping operations in the area.

I also noticed that there are a few new houses with back gardens, and thats cool, but what about green houses? They are getting to be pretty common these days irl.

A smaller farm variant, the orchard, only 4 map tiles with fruit trees on its land about 1 space between each tree. slightly rarer than a regular farm.
An even smaller variant, the apiary, only 2 map tiles. one for the house, one tile for the bees themselves. two spaces between each apiary box. quiet a bit rarer than a regular farm.
A single map tile greenhouse, basically a single room house made of glass with a dirt floor and/or tiny greenhouses in the back of, or attached to residences.

Glad you like my garden houses! :slight_smile:

It’s surprisingly easy to get started jsoning out buildings, even the multitie ones. Give it a shot, and hit up the IRC or forums if you want some help.

kk, ill give it a shot.