I think free jobs need rebalance

Most of them are straight upgrades to “Survivor”.

How so? Most free professions are worse than survivor for the simple fact they do not start with a knife or a lighter. It once took me 2 days to find a knife and I really had to carterize myself

smash one or two of the lockers in the starting bunker, craft a spike. Tear down the curtains on one of the windows, get the long string, disassemble it. You should now have a heavy stick, a bunch of small strings, and a spike to craft a makeshift knife. Go outside and find a rock to use as a hammer, and you’re set.

Yeah when I added makeshift knives, all professions were still hardcoded to spawn with matches and a pocket knife. Now that that is no longer the case, they are some sort of balance breakers. Guess its fine to remove their ability to cut wood and cauterize wounds if it is really that bad.

John, makeshift knives are made of rock, so they shouldn’t be able to cauterize logically :slight_smile:

Go ahead and PR such a change, pleease.

At zero space, I think the pocket knife is a damn good item to start with. Its a small thing, but I think worth mentioning.

Makeshift knives are made from metal


Someone call me?


Guess its fine to remove their ability to cut wood and cauterize wounds if it is really that bad.
Don't do that though, it makes no logical sense. The player will be thinking "Hey, so I just built this metal knife, I should be able to cauterize this wound"

The game should still reward creativity, not punish it.

It used to be that you needed either a rag or duct tape to create the knife ( it was in purpose, as it meant that you needed an existing knife or some hpuse looting) but then someone added sting to the recipe, one could remove the ability to use string as a component too.

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

I don’t know, since you can create a knife pretty easily, professions such as the Punk Rock Dude, the Lumberjack, the Bionic Monster, the Cyber Junkie, and my favourite - the Backpacker - are pretty much straight upgrades.

Professions have been a sticking point.

  1. you can CRANK starting points: up to 1,000 if you choose. Same with -vantage capacity. So there’s no real way to stop people from taking whatever they want, whilst still leaving it meaningful to folks who don’t crank.

  2. Professions offer varying balances.
    The base Survivor has negligible storage, but has ready access to fire, a 0-volume knife that can pass for a weapon if needed, and a bottle of water. You’ll need to forage for upgraded weaponry, tools, storage, and armor, as well as cooking gear, food, quench, morale, and resting gear.

Folks like the Punk Rock Girl have decent armor/storage and plenty of morale, but no cutting tool. For folks who don’t smash their starting shelter (and let the zombears in!) that may require some finagling.

Cyberjunkies and bionic monsters have Annoyingly Defective augs at start, so they’ll have to deal with that.

The Lumberjack’s axe is no joke, but xe doesn’t have access to fire and the flannel & cap will generally cause overheat warnings. (Not a lot of storage there, either.)

Likewise, the Backpacker has good storage, but no cutting and no fire.

That’s exactly what I was thinking.[/quote]

I recall seeing Drawn Cataclysms on that. Requiring a knife to make a knife makes no sense to me. The primitive knife remains primitive, and should be more prone to damage than a factory-made blade.