I made negative calorie food that starves you to death

Made a account to post this. All the food I preserved myself has become this. The ultimate weight loss solution. Eat it, sleep and die of starvation! Never get fat again!


Looks like somebody tripped over a decimal or something again.

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Is that literally concentrated tapeworm or something?

Now just puree that, fill a chemical sprayer with it and hose down zombies/ other baddies. They’ll shrivel up like a raisin right before your eyes!

Could you make a bug report and upload the save (may not be necessary)?

looks like integer overflow.

Well its happening to all canned food, but not pickled food. But only canned food the player produces.

After some testing I determined it only happens when food is made in batches. Not individually. It might be something with the batch cooking,

Yep, it’s been figured out and a fix has been posted. It may have been merged by now.

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