Starving to death no matter how much I eat?

As per title, I have no idea what the hell is going on. I’m playing on newest nightly with minimal mods. I’ve literally starved myself to death by eating, something’s REALLY badly busted. I think vomiting outright sucks all nutrients out of you which isn’t how vomiting works in real life.

Vomiting empties the contents of your stomach.
Could you post a screenshot of your calorie report? Its in Debug Menu > Info > Check Game State. Also do you see any messages about potential parasites eating from eating raw meat or unclean water?
If you don’t access to the debug menu you’ll have to bind a keybind to it, press ? to change the keybinds. Don’t worry about the popup saying it will disable achievements, it can be enabled at any time with no cost.

Sorry I already went ahead with another save, my theory on what was happening was - tweaker start with withdrawal causes hunger ticks, which in my opinion is non-sensical if true. I was eating most nutritious stuff I found in fridges and of course only drinking clean water. I literally died full multiple times until I gave up on that save.
I went from morbidly obese to starved to death in only 4 hours. Kind of ridiculous. If amphetamines withdrawal does not cause hunger ticks, then I have no idea what happened. I was making sure I eat, I was taking heartburn medicine to ensure I don’t vomit and basically monitoring my food situation as soon as I got antibiotics. I gave up on doing tweaker and went with shower victim instead, that 1 point is just not worth it.
Edit: I just got the same bug again, shower victim start this time.

This is an inhumanely large calorie deficiency for someone who starts morbidly obese. I would have to stuff my face with 94 days worth of food to not die. In 4 hours.

if you are on windows maybe downgrade to cataclysmdda-0.E-Windows_x64-Tiles-11560.
its the version I’m currently on and I’m not encountering this problem.

I figured it out, it was an error caused by updating the game from stable release to experimental. Lesson learned.

You should cancel [auto save] to do [manual save] once a day (game time), so… When there are some errors that you can’t find out the cause, you can force to exit and reread the file! We usually call it "SL":wink:

I’d actually put in constructive criticism for this thread, but this is likely once again a case of “hey I’m running around full sprint and murdering zombies for 36 hours straight, why do i need to eat so much food?!”

In 2019, I could not eat or drink anything without quickly vomiting. I caught a highly contagious disease. After two or three days like this, I completely lost my eyesight. I could not see anything. Vomiting absolutely dumps your nutrients into toilet.