Fast Metabolism and constantly starving

so i have been playing this character for a while and my weight was fine for ages, but recently the game keeps telling me that im losing weight and that im constantly hungry, while I got hungry often before it was nowhere this bad, Im at risk of starving to death every time I sleep and I go from full to very hungry in 5 minutes game time, I have tried to do nothig but sit anround and keep myself fed but it just resulted in engorging myself, throwing up, then having to eat again.
I get that the trait is meant to make me have to eat more often but Im literally starving to death while stuffing myself with meat, cheese and every form of food I can find. its only been 16 days and at this rate ill starve before summer, please tell me this is a glitch or something cause otherwise ill have to start over and never pick this trait again


What version are you playing? We had a bug that inflated activity levels in some recent builds, but not the latest.

it might be a mod conflict come to think of it, should/how do I update mods?

I just realised that the teleportation CBM said it may have strange side effects, I havent used it whatsoever yet so I know its not from overuse but Im wondering if that might have something to do with it

I don’t know if it’s true but it seems/feels like the majority of mods self-update/carry-over if you use the launcher to update, with exception to arcana and some other minor cases for some reason, so I think it’s unlikely it’s a mod issue.

None of the mods update when you update with the launcher. Bigger mods just are a larger target for JSON API changes touching them.

I’ve had the same problem. Even drinking 4000 calories a day in nutriment water, supplemented with other food, did little to reverse my sudden bout of the world’s most aggressive tapeworm. Build 10789 for reference.

how are you drinking that much water? my char sounds like a camel in comparison they’d probably die from drinking that much

One nutriment water is 2000 calories. It’s not much to hork down.

Also, I’ll never not take an opportunity to post this when it’s relevant.

ah I was thinking of mineral water and sports drinks and stuff, my bad
love samonella but that story genuinely disturbs me

ok if anyone knows ow to put on weight fast that should help, I just need to get my characters weight back up to something healthy and try to maintainn that, should I eat raw butter or lard or something?

Yes. Lard is great for this purpose, but if you don’t care about their moral just down the chunks of fat straight. Keep anti-parasite handy, I can’t remember if raw fat gives you one. If you wish to avoid nutrition/vitamin concerns you can make wastebread cracklin sandwhiches. Has just about everything you need. Suplement liver for vitamin a every once in a while.

sweet, no more junk food for me, time to go hunting

quick question, is there any way to bypass overeating/nausea/not throw up from stuffing myself like roast dinner?
caus that would probably help my char gain weight alot faster

I think heartburn medicine allows you to eat a liiiitle more, but not much. Or it helps you keep it down. Haven’t quite fully figured it out yet.

Ill see if I have any laying around, hopefully itll help me sleep without losing too much weight

Weed will also help with nausea.

my 600 joints should come in handy then

on an entirely unrelated note, are shopping trolleys not a thing anymore cause while I do currently have a better ride, Id like to atleast make and have a crackhead chariot just for sentimental reasons

They’re still a thing. If you for some reason cannot find one you can make one.