Inexplicable weight loss

So i’ve been working on clearing out a medium sized city. At one point i see that i just hit underweight. No problem, i just make sure i’m always above hungry, and am usually full just in case.

I grab a bathroom scale just to keep track of it after a couple of days that a mix of food (meat, veggies, fruits) has not corrected the very recent underweight warning.

give it a few more days and i am now down to emaciated, and I’ve been bewildered by the constant weight loss. And this is after constantly eating. I debug myself to give light eater and leaves for those extra calories. I also spawned some anti-parasite meds, even though i didnt see any direct indication i was infested. Even after downing 5 anti parasite pills, reading in my car with my leaves uncovered and eating every time i get hungry, i am still losing weight.

mod list: DDA
disable NPC needs
Blazer industrieis, magiclysm, CRIT expansion
mining mod, mythical martial arts, Zetsukaze hair
graphical overmap, and magical
no funfal monsters
DDA Lua, and Lua traits
mutation changes, speedydex, and stats through skills

If you’ve gone with the recent updates I’d imagine you’re now eating the foods that have had their water weight recipe caloric content calculation removed, and this I suspect would then be one of the oversights of such a change.

If a a substantial amount of substance from your food is removed and the caloric burn rate of your character or the amount of content a character’s stomach can hold is modified you’re going to have players fight a losing battle and force them to stuff themselves to full and survive purely on chunks of fat and multivitamins.

Then again this is experiemental, they’re doing this in a process of development. Roll yourself back a few versions and stay there until this food change is a bit more refined.

That calculation had nothing to do with calories, and everything to do with how much space it took up in your stomach.

What’s actually happening here is he caught the bug where character’s activity level is not reset, and the game is expecting them to consume a baseline of ~7000 calories every day (worse if they run).
This has been fixed since yesterday, but no builds with it were released until 8 hours ago. Use build 10788 for a build with the fix, and build 10780 for a build where the bug does not exist. (Build 10787 also has the fix, but will also kill any existing character who loads on that version).

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My mistake, I read that previously the game treated a PB&J sandwhich as a solid chunk of peanut butter due to the water weight thing and thought the removal of such would mean less intake.

Okay so after playing with 10788 a bit I’ve come to the conclusion my character is also steadily losing weight from big to normal despite them not being that active. Not as bad as OP though. Their diet up until now was wastebread cracklin sandwhiches and liver humble pies, which has kept them at big and might have gotten them overweight eventually. I don’t think I need to explain why a diet of fried fat sandwhiches and liver pies should lead to a rise in weight and not skinnification.

I’m going to try the new biuld now. Because i remember going from full to starving in just 2 hours.

Alright, so playing on the new build, i was able to regain weight very quickly back to normal after spawning 20 MREs (still along with light eater and leaves) and doing nothing but reading in the car. The only other thing that feels off still is that food still seems to vanish from my stomach alarmingly fast. I went from full to very hungry in less than 2 hours.

Edit: since i only recently started the character, i am going to reset the world and try a fresh character and see if i get the same vanishing food issue.

update: Started a new character without either XS or XXL starting trait, and i ended up very hungry in 24 in game minutes. (debugged a watch) Also for some reason had a lab start of unwilling Mutant where i have severe injuries to everything except my right limbs, and even they were at 3/5 bars of health.

2nd update: with the new build, i still get the feeling food… size? is a bit too small still. I can eat an entire MRE from very hungry and only barely reach full. I dont know if you’ve ever had an MRE, but those things are not only calorie crammed, but they fill you up for a good long time.

I had this problem and it was so stressful! I feel bad when my char is suffering and I couldn’t help despite feeding her whenever she hit hungry. I’m relieved to hear it has been fixed but other issues locked me out of my base so I can’t play her anymore.

Also TIL bathroom scales work.