I found you kevin😂

i was looting bunker when i found it lol @kevin.granade

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How do those work nowadays? Ages ago I remember reading of using them to get your stats through the roof.

They’ll cast a potential range of effects, so if you decide to use it, be prepared. Stats are one possible outcome.

You mean that granade affect my stats?

If you’re familliar with the DnD wand of wonder, it’s kind of like that, except with some permanent effects.
Theres a chance of stat buffs and a chance of stat decreases, and over time you can accumulate some bonuses.

Hahaha this is great! I assume they are BERY rare, correct?
Do they spawn anywhere? Or in specific locations?

They are no longer in the vanilla game, but you can still find them if you have crazy cataclysm enabled.
IIRC they spawn very rarely in any place a regular grenade can.

Luckily, I’m smart enough not to kill the messenger.

How dare such a glorious thing be removed! Even if you make it so it longer gives any bonuses it should still be there!

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It got removed because it was a joke item and all the joke items go to crazy cataclysm.

There are 5 things it can do; 1 good thing, 2 neutral things and 2 terrible things. So it wasn’t actually that great to find unless you regularly savescum or are willing to risk severely crippling your character.