Small Relic

“A small relic from a forgotten saint. As extraordinary as the world has become it may have some power yet.” I found this little thing in the basement of a Cathedral, surrounded by Blank Bodies. So is it a novelty item, an obvious reference to culture I’m too dull to realize, or does it have a purpose? I wouldn’t think so, but it’s description is a bit inconclusive. It does give 6 Bash Resistance and 9 Cut resistance, but a lot of other items do as well so it’s probably nothing like that. Either way I’m gonna make a Paul Bettany themed character and run around killing, er, vampires.

Last I’d heard it was the objective of an NPC fetch-quest. If it gives bonuses to the player, that’s new.

That makes sense. I’d imagine it’s just that because the Cathedral was introduced about the same time the other retrieval quests were as well. I just didn’t know because of the little defense “bonuses” which are moot because of the 0 coverage.