I can't seem to cut down trees, and tailoring doesn't seem to affect arm encumbe

So I have a stone Ax and have used Smash on a tree (7) around 200 times now, the tree still stands, and when I try to activate the ax it asks for an item to cut up.

And when I tailor it says 0 encumberment (fits) but when I put it on it says arms encumbered!
And my torso seems to have 1 too many points of encumberment.

Is this normal and I just don’t understand the system, or are these bugs?

Ok so the ax thing is me not knowing about the construction menu >.<

You’ll have to elaborate a bit regarding encumbrance. What are you putting on? What are you already wearing?

Encumbrance tends to add up when you wear additional layers, even if the individual layers are 0 or even negative Encumbrance. Example: a (fits) Raincoat over Hard Arm Sleeves is two layers, so +1 Encumbrance from the arm guards, +1 from the fitting Raincoat, +1 for second layer.

If you’re playing 0.7, it’s entirely possible that something like the Wristwatch is considered another “layer” on your Arms. So adding it to the example: +1HAS, +1RCf, +0Wristwatch, +2 second & third layers. Wristwatch is scheduled to be taken off the Arms slot in order to fix its contribution.

As for the tree chopping, it’s under the build menu (*) along with chop into logs and chop logs into planks. I found out after I too couldn’t figure out how to deforest the local woods.

I dropped what I was wearing, then put it back on, now it is encumberment 1 on Torso and 0 on arms? I got a reinforced Backpack, re-Trenchcoat, T-shirt (Fit), Re-Jumpsuit, and that’s it.

Huh. Trenchcoat & Jumpsuit ought to add up to at least 1 Encumbrance on Arms: two layers. T-Shirt is short-sleeved so doesn’t cover Arms. Likewise Backpack doesn’t affect Arm encumbrance.

Jumpsuit is only leg and torso.

No need to look at the name of the item, but look at his description. It say where your wear it; Also no care about % coverage.
Torso/hand give +0.5 each new layer
Leg/head/feet/arms/mouth/hands +2

Some items (underwear , liner gloves) can be wear without any bonus ecumbrance from additive clothes.

As exemple, jumsuit will reduce torse ecumbrance (-1+0.5) but increase leg ecumbrance (-1+2)
Underwear will only reduce leg ecumbrance, even with something else (like skirt) : (-1+0)

So, to reduce ecumbrance torse, get :
Under armor (! 20 warmth)
tank top (best item atm torso)
wool poncho (! 35 warmth)
jumsuit (! 8 storage, 10 warmth)

To store, get :
(#NUMBER) mean how much storage you get if it would give you 1 ecumbrance, even if it don’t actually. Better to take a quick loot like that.
[#NUMBER] mean warmth it add, take care with that.

Messenger Bag (40)[0] utility vest (28)[5] Belt ring (36)[5] Backpack (26.7)[0] Military rucksack (32)[0] trenchcoat (48)[20] labcoat (28)[10] purse (13)[0]

As you can see backpack sucks but if you don’t care about ecumbrance torso.
Trenchcoat is really good but if you care about ecumbrance arm and warmth;

That’s why many guys use military rucksack, even with 2.5ecumbrance, it’s no warmth, no arm, no leg, and still good ratio. No drawback, dude ! Drop your useless backpack and find this twice instead.
(jumsuit *2 + tank top *2 + under armor *2 + rucksack *2 =2 ecumbrance torso & legs for 160 storage; add a skirt and underwear to get -1 to legs, and your good)