I can haz beagle

So, I disassembled a Beagle RGV and learnt the craft recipe!

Only one problem, it weighs 440lbs (200kg in real money) and I don’t have a trunk that can hold that much.
Are there any REALLY big storage solutions or do I have to drive while holding it in my lap?

Trunks hold 162lbs (hardly enough to hide a body).

[EDIT] Yep, I got my lbs and my L’s confused.

You sure it’s about weight and not the volume? Cargo Carrier holds 250 Litres, and you can find it in back of lorries or pickups.

Weight is irrelevant for storage…storage is measured in volume. You could try installing a cargo carrier, it’s the biggest volume vehicle storage outside of the technological equivalent of a bag of holding.

Right. I shall go hunt some cargo carriers up.

how does one fight a beagle? iz too op.

Shoot it at max range, sneak up to it at night/while invisible and chuck EMP 'nades at it or sneak up on it while invisible and hit it with a sledghammer until it dies.


its the recipe from a mod, or is main game :open_mouth:?

Full speed road roller works too, or anything 3xWide with armour that can go above 64. I call them horde flatteners. Remember your seatbelt.

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At night with light amplification goggles and three EMP grenades. I shamelessly admit to shamelessly reloading. Although, ironically, I actually succeeded the first time but reloaded because I used an extra EMP when I only needed two to confuse it into being ‘friendly’. I then proceeded to find out that four or more EMP grenades would be the more typical requirement.

@Ragno I do have some mods loaded, but I don’t think any of them affect the beagle. I do play the experimental builds though.

Salvaged Robots adds the beagle and recipes using it. It replaces vanilla’s tank drones.

I am mistaken.

That’s not in my active mods list?


I made a mistake, it seems that tank drones got replaced with beagles in vanilla quite some time ago. This is why I should do my homework before making a report :neutral_face:

still is good to know that you can still learn recipes by disassembling items.

True. Also, you can learn recipes that are just above your skill level to craft, and then craft them anyway. This is how I got to electronics 10. It’s a good way of grinding skills when you don’t have the right books.

That is intended, I believe. Crafting something with a requirement one point above your skill level significantly increases your chance to fail and waste the resources used to craft the recipe, but does give an equally significant amount of exp.