What is the largest or heaviest creature in this game?

I feel like it would be a kind of hulk, but what about shoggoths and the tank drone?

not sure about shoggoths in specific but i’m fairly certain the tank drone is only 1 tile in size, actually i think nothing is multiple tiles big.

Pretty sure your mom can show up as a hallucination. She’d probably win the prize.
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I don’t mean the amount of tiles that they make up, but the size they are assumed to have by the game for certain features like determining corpse size.

For example, I modded a martial art to do no damage but have insane knockback, and decided to test what happened when knocking enemies into each other.

  • When similar-sized monsters collided, the one standing still didn’t take any damage, while the one that was flung by my attack took a lot of damage even though my knockback attack didn’t do anything directly.
  • When knocking a small enemy into a bigger one, the smaller enemy suffered more than if it were flung against a similar sized enemy.
  • When a giant enemy was thrown at smaller enemies, the giant one bowled straight through and the smaller enemies were killed and taken along.

So I want to weaponize this by finding out the biggest enemy in the game to use as a projectile.

Edit: anyways, I looked at the json and apparently the larger enemies are actually pretty much the same in size and weight. The hulk, tank, and shoggoth all have the same size (875000) and weight (200000), though the hulk has 480 hp, tank has 240 hp, and shoggoth has 400 hp. I guess I would rather choose the one with the most hp.

“My martial art. It was made for knocking back tanks.”
I like that. Biomuscular wrestling?

Shoggoths and jabberwocks are tank sized and both weigh 200kg (according to the wiki). Beagle tank is 1400kg. Just shove it. Shove it REAL hard.

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Jabberwocks are pretty huge and that was going to be my guess, but as Slax said above yeah the Beagle Tank might be the heaviest. I keep forgetting some of the more mechanized combatants.

abigail from street fighter the trainer for that one?

I’m not entirely sure throwing a shoggoth at enemies would be the best choice tbh, it would have to be alive since they don’t leave a body when you kill one.

Monster sizes (and therefore weights) are enums - https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/search?l=C%2B%2B&q=MS_TINY

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If only tank sized monsters are immune to knockbacks… But hey! How could one be able to shove off such immensive creatures irl :confused:

Monster volumes and weights follow the enums said by Zhilkin, but unlike the brainless zombie, its values are reduced which corresponds to its lack of a body part…

if you can knockback a tank drone with that modded martial arts…

that would be :fire:

I wonder how big you become once you get the Huge and TAAANK mutation.

Considering only Bear or Cattle mutants can get these mutations, we can consider that (from Wikipedia):

  • Cows can be as light as ~300 kg and can reach >1000 kg
  • Bears are usually 350-700 kg, while prehistoric could reach >1000 kg

I’m guessing Bear/Cattle mutant would be able to wrestle with the previously mentioned monsters.

As of recent update you become MS_HUGE, the size of hulk or tank drone I suppose.
Before that the player was always of medium size.
I’m not sure if it affects your weight