Blaze Industries - cargo shelving

Hello coud the person that maintains this mod update the recepture to ether give 2k volume or( what i woud prefer) cut cargo carriers requaierments to 2 and cut overall weight of the part to 190kg? Woud apriciet this change.

It would be easier to do it by yourself in your local copy.

also: why?

i don’t see the point.

Cargo cariers had their volume increased some time a go…
Old recepture uses 4x cargo cariers(250L each) witch shoud provide 2k L with their updated stats…
Thats a bit of an overkill so reducing recepture to 2x cargo seems to be more inline with this…
Removing 2x cargo cariers(80kg each) woud make this 190 kg total mass…
350kg(curen recepture mass) - 160kg = 190 kg (new mass)

Components required:

4x [cargo carrier]
16x [pipe]
4x [sheet metal]
10x [door hinge]
4x [long rope] OR 4x [long cordage rope] OR 4x [long vine] OR 20x [short rope OR 20x [short vine] OR 20x [short cordage rope]

All of this shoud be basycli cut in half to provide the same ammoun off L in light of cargo carier change…

by ‘recepture’ i assume you mean the vehicle shelving from blaze industries, which you install as cargo shelving

the cargo shelving uses 4 cargo carriers yes, but they’re 50L, not 250, judging from the page on the item browser website and looking at it in-game right now (newest experimental)

the vehicle shelving is 4 cargo carriers shoved together with some extra bits to hold it in place, so a weight of 771.6 pounds is accurate enough.

you likely have another mod changing the liter size of cargo carriers… unless you’re thinking of cargo SPACE, which is currently 500 liters.

I didnt touch any of the cargo releted files so how i have 500l cargo cariers ?!

thats… thats cargo space.

not a cargo carrier.

okay think of it this way… what you have there is a board on the ground with clamp ties, that’s empty air all the way up to the ceiling of your vehicle. its made with cargo carrier, but is not cargo carrier.

the vehicle shelving you wanted to put in there is just that: shelves, it takes up space and therefore can hold less items than the cargo space can. it is -also- made of cargo carrier.

OK i get it now but still i think thats if we look at this that way theres no way youre able to stick 4 of those together since arent they like a glorified biger rienforced baskets? woudn 3 then be resonalbe and provide like 900 l?

where are you getting 900 liters from? cargo space is like throwing your stuff on the floor, theres more space to put things, vehicle shelving is putting stuff on shelves, therefore, the shelves take up space, meaning you have LESS space to put things, not more.

i dunno how else to explain that one.

On the left cargo space/ right cargo shelving. If they are usins same size cago cariers theres no way you coud fit 4 of thoes together sinc the basket provides you with 500L in theory so its big as fuck.

no no no.

its more like this.

so if you fill up both…

the cargo space has more volume, because its not on any shelving. -realistically-, you wouldnt be able to fill all of a cargo spaces ‘liters’ in the car, because in real life, it’d be a giant messy pile and your stuff would be leaking out into the nearby area of the car, but currently that doesnt apply, its just one big box of space.

this is a good indication of what i mean, on the right you have the cargo shelving, in the middle you have cargo space, and on the left you have the equivalent of what would be external cargo shelving (only on the inside), each are approximately 2 ‘boards’ wide in that truck (the cargo space being the center 2 boards)

this is a cargo carier for me (atleast the one that coud be used inside).This is then welded/bolted to a shet metal and then put on top one of another creating cargo shleving It has tall walls that are the limiting factor for your space.(the shelv from your photo isnt the same as the one in the recepture)

What you are refering is an outside cargo carier:

but this woud only work for caring big things that are alredy packed and woudnt work for throwin in random stuff in since id woud go fling on the firs turn. Also you cant pack cargo carier spec up to roof unles its some big parts or things that were packed into boxes and are strap together with something.

Also the photo show that 3 shelvs is the way to go :slight_smile:

not quite. in that picture, the shelves have 4 spaces to put items. 1 on the floor, 2 middle shelves, 1 on top.

and that’s what a small cargo carrier looks like, yes. the cargo carrier that’s in the game is equivalent to

one of these tanks, basically. piling your stuff on the floor.
the shelves carry less than that. is the exact numbers correct? well thats why this is a community driven game… so you can change it if you want… personally i think thats about right for the space of a 1 meter squared area (approximately, cataclysm measurements are weird.), if you cut it in half and stacked one half on the other, boom, thats the space.

i dont see the problem here.

Weight of part is the problem. The one you show here is 1k L cargo and it weig
hts 63 kg… SO how a cargo shleving that has same volume weights nerly 6 times more ?!

link to specyfications:

because it has more parts! also, thats a liquid container… i already told you that the cargo shelving weighs as much as 4 cargo carrier parts, plus the extra bits to place it together as shelving.

the cargo carrier weighs 80.00 kg, the vehicle shelving weighs 350.00 kg

80 x 4 is 320, plus pipes, sheet metal, fittings, wires, etc, to actually attach it to the vehicle, 350.

also the tank you took a picture of is a 1k tank, yes, the tank i showed a picture of is a 500L tank. its half the size. it was for size comparison, not to make you think a cargo space is a liquid tank.

I think you mised what our conversation here showed…

The example above shows that cargo cariers are way to heavy as a part. Above example with a a liquid carier that has 2x the volume and after cuting its top can also be used as cargo carier weights less.

Bro what nonsens you are you talking about. For the link i provided this is how compered to a human its in size:

Oficial spec of the producent:

1000liter, 1000L



outer frame:


you used the weight of the container as a reference for the weight of the cargo carrier, which it is not. the frames on those water tanks are made out of thin pipes, basically just there to keep anything from jostling into the side of the container and rupturing it… the rest is plastic… the shell on that is galvanized mild steel, thin tubes and spot welds, the cargo carrier is made out of regular steel, heavier, thicker, designed not to snap off even when carrying a decent weight on it (your average modern cargo carrier, speaking of the one you linked before, usually stuck to the tow hitch of a car, carries upwards of 500 pounds, or 226 kilos…)

the cargo carrier (and by extension, the cargo space) weigh 80 kilos.

the cargo shelving, made of 4 cargo carriers… weighs as much as 4 cargo carriers.

i dont see what you dont understand here.