The "Get 1,000 Liters of Storage and then fill it" Challenge

I’ve raised my concerns with this in “The New Gods” thread that the challenge might need to be changed because it’s impossible for people who lack Packmule, but because FurryDegenerate hasn’t gotten back to me yet and these 350 Power Storage MKIIs are blowing up in my Deathmobile, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight to this challenge.

Currently, my problems include:

  • Temperature: Pretty much impossible to circumnavigate, because even the Coldest Ice Lab has my extremities freezing and my body burning like it’s on fire. Mostly solved, I guess.
  • Storage: I put a lot of work into this part; I’ve gotten enough clothing, that, in conjunction with the Packmule Mutation, allows me to pass the threshold for 1,000 storage. But this leads to my third problem.
  • Weight: The originally plan was to have 400 or so Power Storage MKII CBMs in my inventory to reach the required 1,000 liters. While the math on volume was solid, the math on weight was not. Turns out that even with Noble Culver’s immense 33 points of augmented STR, he reaches his “Absolute Maximum” for weight (essentially, a second limit past your normal weight limit where the game won’t let you pick up any more weight at all) before he finishes filling those pockets with Power Storage MKIIs. I’ve no idea if the Hydraulic Muscles would give me the boost I need, but I have the striking feeling it won’t (if someone has the math for absolute carry weight, I’d love if you’d share it, please).

Essentially, I either need a method of boosting my STR enough that I can carry 2,000 pounds or so (no small feat) or I need an item that has a very low weight to volume ratio (so very large and very light).

Can anyone help a fellow survivor out?

Carboard boxes? 200L drums? 60L tanks?

See, and now I feel stupid.

Thanks Darktoes.

EDIT: As in, Thanks for helping me out, I mean.

All good. 200L drums might be a lil bit too heavy, and I dunno where you’d find 1000 cardboard boxes, but 60L tanks might be the perfect balance between size and weight. Maybe.

I did it! I did it! It BURNS!

Pain is your friend, feel the Burn!

Congrats man.

When I first read this thread I thought you were trying go give us a challenge of getting 1000 liters of fluids for ourselves. And then I remembered about the 200 Liter tanks. I wonder why you haven’t.

In the screenshot he used 15 60L tanks to fill his inventory.

After I did this challenge, I installed all of my Power Storage MKIIs.
Those 6 digits of Cybernetic Power feel amazing.

Where did you get all those plutonium cells from? I can’t find enough even to get to 20k power…

I found a lot of Power Storage MKIs, for one.

Second, I found the Municipal Reactors from the Bright Nights mod and made Plutonium Cells from the Nuclear Material in the basement.