I accidentally released radioactive gas in my LMOE shelter

So I got my first artifact ever a few in-game days ago. I wasn’t super clear on what it is or does, but I stupidly decided to activate it in my LMOE shelter. It created a bunch of radioactive gas that stuck around for like a day or so. I figured once all of the gas dissipated things would go back to normal, but it turns out that the room is still hugely radioactive, even after a few days. Is half of my shelter going to be permanently radioactive or will it clear up on its own? Or is there some way to clean the radiation?

Also, how should I be using this artifact? It is a fractal lamp. Is it even worth bothering with?

Ooh, bad luck. Not sure about the radiation going away, but I’d toss it. If enemies are affected by radiation, you could keep it and surprise them with a random cloud of radioactive gas from nowhere.

Edit: also, the prefix (in your case fractal) only decides from which list effects are chosen. If you find another fractal lamp, it might be good. Or worse.

Dunno about that “fractal” having an effect. According to the wiki, scaled/snake-anomaly artifacts shouldn’t be able to throw fireballs. One of mine…did.

Just to get it out of the way, “Lay off the mexican food man!”.

It seems there’s no way to de-irridate the ground.
Even better, I think you’re getting irridated just holding the thing.

And yea, each description gets a different sub-set of the effects, some of the other fractal effects are really awesome.

As for a use for a radioactive artifact, you can reenact that scene from Star Trek 2. You just need to find a glass wall, and a NPC named Jim that doesn’t shoot you on sight.

So I guess this means I need to abandon my LMOE? That is just a shame. I guess I was getting too cozy in there.