Hybrid Inventory [2019-1-14]


HI allows moving items to / from containers only via advanced inventory, no action filling in my system I could PR, sorry.

Powder already exists, though not as phase, but as a material. Also, I remember Kevin being adamant about not allowing any container interaction with sole exception of handling liquids, unless done properly through inventory system as he envisioned. Better check with him if he would accept powder expansion before wasting too much time on it.


I’m seeing a bug related to the dropping code you were frustrated with earlier. changing letters of items inside bags changes the container’s letter instead. Also, if you change the letter of an item in your main inventory to the same letter as an item in a bag, both items keep the same letter. Probably a pain to fix, but figured I’d post it.

P.S. Activating a bag will activate the first item with a function inside it.

P.S.S. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug (it could go either way depending on your intention) If you pick up a filled container into your inventory, it puts the name of the container and lists the contents of that container at the top, which is fine. Then below that, it shows your actual inventory, including the actual container item. That container item seems to be placed into whatever category the first item in the container is assigned to.
Example: A messenger bag with a cellphone will list the messenger bag as a tool, whereas a briefcase with an asprin will list the briefcase as a drug.


I am aware of these issues, though I carefully pick what I fix, mainly by how annoying the issue is for me and how hard it is to fix. Every code alteration makes keeping my branch updated with changes in main project harder.

Nothing wrong with reporting it though, at least people can more easily decide if they want to give it a try anyway or stay on vanilla.


Most of those aren’t too much of a hassle. The one bug that does annoy me the most is how “move all” doesn’t actually transfer items out of bags, but eats up time as if it did. Aside from that, I really enjoy your branch much more than the vanilla game. Thanks for the hard work!


I’m not sure if this has been brought to your attention, but it seems like lua support is broken. I’ve noticed that while I can call lua functions through the console, I can’t change any attributes. This seems to break any mods that make attribute changes as well, including anything that calls ui menus.

I was planning on trying my hand at lua modding, but its not worth giving up hybrid inventory for.


Hmm, no idea what change in my code could have caused that. Maybe Visual Studio compilation is broken.

Updated. Halloween edition is up.


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Just wanted to say thanks for updating this and sharing it with everyone. The game is not the same without it for me.



Sorry it took so long, I was waiting for VS compilation fix in master.


Thanks for this and for keeping it updated.

I just started a new game with the latest compiled, I am wearing the messenger bag bur items are not auto-added to it. If I use the advanced inventory it works fine. Am I doing something wrong?


Mmm checking the “armor.json” file I can see its not in there. That must be it.


Sorry, it is… the ID is mbag… Once I find another Backpack I will confirm if it happens also.



Autopickup works for any held container, but as for worn containers, it works only for backpacks.

Backpacks are items with flag “BACKPACK” in .json definition inside the mod folder. You probably could change messenger bag to work as backpack by adding the missing flag, but keep in mind that you can wear only one backpack at a time.


Oh, thanks. I found a Backpack and it works fine. I dont get why this isnt getting mainlined. Its almost perfect in my opinion.



I’d like to thank Karthas077 who expanded loot zones to vehicles.

And also to prutschman who is currently working on fertilizing and harvesting of plot tiles.

While I am not playing the game currently, I am glad that things I worked on in the past are improved on so I can enjoy them when I return to get my Cata fix in the future.


BLASPHEMER! Make more stuff! NOW ! lol

I don’t use the mod. But I do follow it to see how it comes along. Hope you come back to this game and make more stuff. Cheers =D


Thanks for the update, I was just wondering if I should play some cdda today…