Hybrid Inventory [2019-5-8]

P is for Perishable, I think.

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Yeah, P. stands for perishable. I should eventually move zone type information to some other place so I don’t have to use these stupid shortcuts.

I updated the my branch with latest changes in vanilla game and compiled game.

Plenty of stuff got mainlined, so these are no longer extra. Next step is moving plot tilling into the mainline.

  • Farm
    • Plot zone - till nearby plot zones - PR
    • Plot zone - planting
    • Animal zone - keep animals / pets inside of an designated animal zone
  • Activation and Reload of specific items without picking them up - PR - mainlined
  • Sort out my loot, please - PR - mainlined
  • Chainsaw and a tree - PR - mainlined
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It took me a long minute to find out how to activate the auto sort, am I just blind or was the only place that the hotkey was listed was in the PR under that hotkey tab?

If i’m not blind it might do with more obvious instructions in game.

It can be found in Action Menu, Interact… subcategory. It is also listed in keybinding list.

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The new plant growing get merged now, we need some way to reduce the additional keypress it introduced ASAP. Please consider adding new zone activity regarding watering/weeding/fertilizing.

Yes, I am aware of it being merged and I can imagine the amount of outrage it will cause if an automation is not implemented quickly. After all, I tested the feature before it was merged, so I do have some personal experience with it.

And let me tell you, it is not something I want to do manually for more than a few tiles mini-garden… if at all.

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Hello, any chance you will update to the latest experimental?

Thanks for your work, I really enjoy the game more with the backpack system.

Sure, I’l update it right away.

I am compiling it for myself almost every day, I just don’t upload it on the Git hub google drive.

Give me few minutes.

Wow thanks, I for one haven’t played the latest experimentals because I dont want to play without the backpack system. I imagine there are more people like me who rather play with your mod as well.

Possible, I don’t have any statistics how many or if any people are using it. I figured that I save myself some work with updating and if someone is using it, they will ask for update.

By the way, are you using Animal zone? I no longer compile the game with it, but I can include it if necessary.

I had a dog once and it fell off the car and I ran it over. Thats about the sum of my experience with animals in this game. But thanks for asking.

Man I come to this post almost daily to see if you by any chance had updated it… turns out I just had to ask.

Google drive should have new version now.

New changes

  • backpacks no longer gets more encumbrance from content as their base encumbrance already accounts for it

I noticed that wearable non-rigid containers in game gain extra encumbrance from its content. Probably meant for worn waterskins and similar items. You got double penalty in HI though, because backpack’s encumbrance is set high already and content encumbrance was on top of that.

Thanks! I really appreciate It.

Updated Git and Google drive with new version.

Extra features

  • zone types descriptions

Updated Git and Google drive with new version.

added new extra feature

  • zone for comestibles with FREEZERBURN flag (food that become mushy after thawing)

Robik, I use this opportunity to say that I love the changes you introduced to the mainline vanilla. Also I want to say that there is a project open in CDDA for inventory management system that is, what seems to me, in line with what you did for your fork. Have you considered or even plan on introducing it to vanilla? If not I’d like to encourage you to think about it. I believe that there is a place for it there and it is generally in demand. Have you ever talked to Kevin about it? It was him who opened the project for it IIRC.

Glad you like my changes.

I talked with Kevin about integrating my original container system few years ago. Kevin has very clear idea how the system should work (outlined in the project you mentioned I assume) and my system is less comprehensive and simplistic.

In the end, I was not willing to alter the system as Kevin wanted and Kevin was not willing to accept my system without these changes. A stalemate, if you will.

That’s a shame realy. Not even a small part? Like putting items in containers via an action? That would open few possibilities like food management (food in containers rotting less etc.). I’m currently working on a PR for new matter state: powder (behaves similar to liquids, need resealable containers, no more “floor flour” or “pepper in a shopping cart”) so when I saw this, I though: “Oh! Robik has this all figured out already.”

I agree this would be amazeing to have shame it can’t be added to mainline as an option or mod

I can see that causing a fair bit of player rage if it shows up unexpectedly. That makes me wonder if there’s there a way to display a warning when loading a save that predates a particular version? Something like:

"Warning! Your save comes from an earlier version and loading it in this version may have the following effects:
* 12-15-18 commit 6a40101: Can no longer pick up powders without containers

Load anyway (Y/N)?"