Infinite loop NPC

  • NPC goes to infinite loop if I sell or give them sealed condiment bottles.
  • After Intercom NPC is forced put asleep by game now that is awake as few items to sell and teleport near me to kill me. After teleport the intercom in wall no longer work, thats make sense but ruin all the quest.
  • How do I reset or force the npc to be in is place again? Need to delete the map in that area?
  • The special rifle the HUB give for hunt robots complain a lot about ammo. But looks like a harmless message.
  • Prozac? Cant find.

Development of the game is amazing. Thanks for the hard work!

I don’t think that will work, but I might be wrong.

You will find that there are multiple Hub01’s if you explore far enough and they may have copies of the NPC that aren’t messed up. It will take a whole lot of searching unless you cheat wildly, though.

You need a UPS with a battery, IIRC. There’s a glitchy message if you try to 'r’eload a gun that uses a UPS.

Prozac is found in the item groups “harddrugs” and “drugs_rare”

“drugs_rare” is found in hospital, urban hospital, prison and doctor’s office
while “harddrugs” can be found in many more locations but I think generate quite rarely.

That’s a new one to me. It would be nice if you (or someone) made a bug report for it.

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Thanks a lot! Very complete answers.
The other HUB dont recognize me and treat me as new guy with the disadvantage they dont give or continue quest. But at least I can trade.
The condiment one is not new, already happens to me several versions ago. Take me some experiment to know the bottles (sealed?) cause that. Dont know how to send a bug report, I was believing this is the right place. Need an account in ghitub?

Yeah, oddly I just found a similar problem with my game. I think that’s because I’ve been playing around with the save file. If you track down the right bit of the save files it might be possible to delete the existing mission data for all the Hub 01 missions and after that the new Hub 01 might give you quests again. Might be worth experimenting, but make sure to back up your files first.

You can report bugs here, sure. But you’re a bit more likely to get someone to work on them if you go to github and start a new issue there. There are (as usual) more bugs and suggestions than there are people with time to work on them so it’s a bit of a lottery.

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I just found that I can debug the intercom, teleport the npc back to is place and the inventory appear again. I lost the achievements but meh…

You can re-enable achievos through the same debug menu which initially cancelled them :wink:

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