HOW you guys killed a zombie?

im posting this as im curious about how you guys killed a zombie in your own way, my personal favorite way to kill a zombie is to throw something like books and rock to them (mainly im using melee and ranged) but my most hilarious moment was im able to kill a zombie by throwing a single piece of newspaper page. i mean how? how can i produce enough damage to kill zombie with just a newspaper?

so im curious, how do you guys kill a zombie?

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Spoons forks, and knives/steak knives, try to get the killing blow with a spoon.

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not even bended the spoon…

trust Rivtech for their spoon production.

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My go through method for clearing a new street is to dive around the block a bunch of times like a crazed stalker.

circling the block i see?

aand they end up fighting each other. :smile:

Harsh Language :wink:

Just channel Sammy J.

My car looks like the one that @ 4:20 of this video:


Recently I did a play with the Bionib Sniper profession and didn’t think about the fact that I had a freakin gun so I ended up getting killed several times due to a unrealistically large amount of zombies for a town about 5x5 building tiles.
Then I decided to use my gun and managed to grab the ammo from my 10+ corpses and now I’m pretty dang set for ammo if I need it.
Due to 12 perception it’s even easier to wreak havoc among the zombie hordes.

5x5 town filled with massive zombies swarm, reminds me of State of Decay game.

you’re dank lucky there. getting ammo like that in my gameplay session is rare but if i do, i have all types of ammo in my inventory. at risk of volume and weight increase.

sorry mate but the video you provided there is unable to be played in my connection…
(Vimeo is blocked here…)

but i do believe that could be something good, and coincidental 420 number there :smile:

I was having trouble with a zombie soldier and accidently kited him into some lava were he got burned but not killed. As a matter of fact, that was actually a good thing since I really needed that Kevlar. He had just enough health left for me to finish him off with ease.
I also discovered that wolves are immune to lava. That too.

wolves immune to lava is confirmed bug, it is being fixed now…

i have once pick up lots of Kevlar from Z-9 but for me its useless somehow…
what should i do with those kevlar?

Tailoring skill + sewing/tailor kit and thread + materials = garment of choice.

Aggroing a bunch of zombies to a feral dog.
It can kills a few of them, dwindling the number down.

Especially when i don’t have good equipment and the zombies noticed me.

oohh sounds like making Mark 3 Kevlar… and to think i found sewing kit inside gun store…

that just straight “baiting” there…

full efficiency with no effort… life hack.

Sorry dude, but you can’t hack life. People who say that are either ignorant, idiots, or liars.
If you could hack life, things would be very different.

Well if you know anything about kevlar. It requires some pretty intense machining to sew it. So the game kinda gets a helping hand and we fudge it.

Should also be noted you can chop and slice it in reality. In game I think it absorbs such damage. Ignoring broken bones of course too.

yeah… but there is life hack, but its not called hack, its called shortcut…

like combining logic with advantage.

ohh good, i need some armor for against those shocker deadbois…

really hate when my peaceful exploration got jumpscared by electricity zap/bolt.