Using zombies to your advantage?!?

I’ve exploited their idiocy many times before to kill them, but exploiting them to help me?!? Pfft, ridiculous! Nevertheless, I have found some ways to exploit zombies for your benefit;

  1. They break cars for me, giving me free scrap metal when I would otherwise have to lug around a huge sledgehammer or remove the parts which takes hours!
  2. They fight other enemies (I’m looking at you moose) although sometimes the zombies are defeated. Win/win, as long as you remember to pulp them after the bait is killed.
  3. Sometimes they step on traps that I would have otherwise stepped on.
  4. I use them for training weapon skills. I kite them towards a secluded area, let them rise, kill them, let them rise, kill them, etc. At least until my weapon skills are powerful enough to pulp them in combat.

I suppose you could use a group of zombies to clear a minefield…

Hypothetically you could make a functional zombie army for yourself. Make a bunch of fast moving Zombie Slaves to act as a buffer between you and the actual hostile zombies, and then lead them to whatever you want killed.

My default strategy for getting rid of giant wasps, mi-goos and other things I don’t want to fight is to run through the middle of a hoard. (my favorite profession is skater girl so they can’t catch up right away and I can weave through the Zs with only a couple attacks sent my way) I do the reverse with zombies too, I lead them into a pack of coyotes or an NPC.

I once met an NPC who wanted me to drop my weapon. I was on a bike, he was in the middle of a hoard. Bye bye.