How would you inject humor into the game?

This game is hard. its also a zombie apocalypse. we could add a little humor to the game to add to the fun factor. how would you do that. some ideas

this would probably need to be a mod. I don’t know if the dev’s would want this in the main branch.

  1. in elona when you die, you can send a message. this gets sent through irc to anyone else playing. so you can tell people how bad you suck.
  2. the game can tell you suck when you die and creative ways. we can do this from a json and people can add comments basically making fun of people when they die.
  3. ok bathroom humor. you can get gas from eating bad food.
  4. hemroids. not funny if you have them in real life, but funny for the rest of us.
  5. zombie congressman. given the government shutdown who wouldn’t want to have at them? Note to NSA: this is in game only. don’t knock on my door. I dont even own a gun.
  6. racist zombies. there is a youtube video by this name. its pretty funny. Has to be handled with care so people know we are mocking the racists.
  7. white supremacist camp (another one that needs to be handled with care). you go in and kill all the white supremacists. then you can chop their heads off and mount the hooded heads as trophies. a little gruesome, but this is a zombie game right?
  8. zombie celebrities. id say Zombie Teddy Kennedy or Zombie Roseanne Barr would be rather funny.
  9. zombie 3rd world dictators. Maybe there was a big UN meeting and all the petty 3rd world dictators were hear. Zombie Vladimir Putin, Zombie Bashir Assad (guy is a murdering bastard anyway), and Zombie Kim Jong Il (scumbag who runs north korea) could be boss type mobs. Zombie Hugo Chavez. He has risen from the grave to piss and moan about America.
  10. fat and out of shape characters. you are a survivor and you regret sitting in front of your PC playing games all day long… and eating all those donuts. need to get in shape.

what would you do?

I kind of think this game is humorous accidentally. The way you die, the situations you meet, the offset items and such… its really hilarious sometimes. Its not intented to be, but it is.

No need to inject purposeful humour out there. This game cracks me up every now and then with its bizarre things and situations.

  1. C:DDA is a single player game. Are we sending humorous messages to ourselves?
  2. Could be amusing, but hardly seems like a priority.
  3. No.
  4. No.
  5. How exactly are they supposed to be different from normal zombies, and why would the hero care?
  6. Not worth the trouble, and there’s not very much Klan activity in the North these last few decades. Seems like this would be LCS territory anyway.
  7. See #6.
  8. See #5. Also, Ted Kennedy has been dead for about four years now.
  9. See #5. Also, Russia is hardly third world, and Kim Jong-Il has been dead for about two years now. Perhaps you’re thinking of Kim Jong-Un?
  10. If we had a system to track things like what kind of physical condition the hero is in, this would be a neat starting profession. However, until we can do that it’s pretty much just a pipe dream.

I added a snuggie to the game. If you wear it while you fist fight zombie children while high on coke, the game is funny.

It’s even better when you add clown shoes, a bondage mask, and a chainsaw to your snuggie.


Youtoo, waht r joo doin

Youtoo stahp.

Youtoo, no!

Youtoo STAHP!

More things like the

Theres some buffoon in the way

Message we get when attempting to close a door in which we are standing will be great!

I think zombie celebrities would be OK, you’d have to make sure they’re unique though in case you get a dozen of them. It might have to be restricted to celebrities that live in New England though, like… Eliza Dushku?

Donk Pockets.

Make God darn drugs funny, y’hear! :slight_smile:
If you’re not badly halucinating or anything else for that matter, we could have a whole streamline of comments. Imagine the last few bullets for the .44 you’re about to feed the gun going all like “Nooo! NOOOO! %s please save us! PLEEEAAASEEE!!!”, books speaking to each other from their shelves, talking doll giving you the finger. I’m speaking in terms of abundantly nonsensical type of humor your flyers and other conceptual misconducts.
If someone wants to pin this to the floor with a subsequent topic, I’m sure there would be zounds of members pitching in. If we’re about anything it’s this, crack fumes and boolean crapp. :stuck_out_tongue:

A game telling you that you suck when you die isn’t funny.

Yeah it is.

I like the humor in some of the item descriptions. I think that is the best way to do it. Zombies with odd items on them is also cool, adds some interesting flavor to them and what they were doing before they turned (stuff in houses too).

I once found a bondage suit in a house. It fit me.

I found a wedding dress on a kid zed I killed in a school.

Also found a katana in a school locker.

Yeah it is.[/quote]
I’m just gonna disagree with you again and leave it at that, insulting someone for the sake of humor is just plain rude.

Regional schools have some interesting spawns, hehe.

My third game of FTL, I must have stumbled across a sector reveal event without realizing it, I thought I had triggered some easy mode by dying without making much progress, I was SUPER pissed.

However, it IS funny, just not for the player.

Personally, I get a laugh out of games that call you on your failures.

But I don’t get frustrated or offended very easily by things of that nature.

Most of the original suggestions are… not funny. They just aren’t.

Also, we already do have some celebrity zombies! Actual Cannibal Shia Lebouf is more than enough on that front, I think.

None of this appeals to my sense of humor.

I’d find every single item extremely grating. Just my opinion.

I think in a game like this the best humour is the humour you generate yourself. There are plenty of amusing situations you can get yourself into.

But at least in my opinion, I’d rather maintain the semi-serious mood of the game.

I get my kicks by killing off my good characters while running away from zombie dogs while naked with the Benny Hill theme playing.