How to you organize your massive loot piles?

Wondering how everyone else manages there loot piles. At the moment, I have 1 or 2 piles for each category and try to have most of them setup in a 3x3 grid so when I’m unloading or searching for something, I don’t have to move around. I just recently found out hitting ‘a’ on the advanced item screen with show the inventory of all piles around me on accident which really helps for searching for something. I like using cabinets and lockers, but I noticed they block line of sight for crafting which is kind of annoying. I think I may revert to tables to make things still look nice without just throwing everything on the ground.

I just built a garage area that contains all the vehicle parts, but it’s too far from my other crafting stations so I don’t have all the tools I need. Maybe I just need to get a separate set of tools for the garage.

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Use display racks and bookshelves, they won’t block LOS.

In my previous base I had a dedicated 3x3 room for random item storage and disassembly, and I’d move stuff to their proper rack using a cart.

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I use display racks. They don’t block vision and you can set up rows of them in a building. I sometimes make my first safehouse in a general store for this purpose.

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I use a stash house till I get my first car sorted. Ammo pile, crafting crap pile, tool pile, guns and weapons pile, sposives pile, food pile, drinks pile, books pile, cbms pile, etc. Drop them down in a grid with 1 tile empty between everything on all sides. Spaced out enough that it is fairly easy to work out which pile has the things I want, but close enough I can just stand in the middle and craft stuff from multiple piles at once if needed. Once the car is sorted with its 5 cargo spaces its sorted as ammo, weapons and explosives, crafting and tools, food and meds, books/armor/cbms/random gubbins.

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Drop everything but tools in a counter. Drop the tools that you need to recharge/ocassionally take with you in a locker nearby. Organization done.

I have one table dedicated to resources, one for tools, and one for nails, duct tape, and thread. Weapons and ammo go into seperate lockers if available, and weapon mods, CBMs, and explosives go on seperate tables near the gun lockers. For clothes, I’ve tried to separate them but I usually dump interesting clothes into one huge dresser.

i usually just dump it in dedicated areas of the room, in the starting area i dump sewing materials in the bottom right corner of the room, food in the center, medicine in the top right, books in the center, a lot of stuff in the center really, wooden materials and nails to the top left, and then tools and weapons to the left. and i never get anything done :slight_smile:

What i do is dump my “junk” into different piles (or car seats depending).
-Leisure pile
-Gun pile
-Explosives pile
-Cooking type food pile
-Uncookable food type pile (canned food and stuff that lasts forever, in a car i usually dont bother separating the two)
-Science pile
-Junk/Raw material pile
-Book pile
-Tool pile
-Wood pile (if i have a stove)

I just dump stuff in piles
weapon pile
ammo pile
spare clothes pile
crafting pile
food pile
cooking pile
contaner pile

You name it it has a pile.

I don’t. I throw it all over the place. When I bother making loot piles it’s usually in a vehicle-home or some temporary basement stash, so stuff I accrue just gets crammed haphazardly into whatever container (or floor tile) is nearest.

It’s a lot simpler and easier to drop everything on the floor, in as few tiles as possible.
Rather than going through multiple tiles and lists of items, you have but one.

[quote=“wad67, post:11, topic:5639”]It’s a lot simpler and easier to drop everything on the floor, in as few tiles as possible.
Rather than going through multiple tiles and lists of items, you have but one.[/quote]

True, but floor tiles only hold 4000 volume.

I like to find a big house with lots of rooms and use those for storage.

I lay the pots and pans on the stove, along with other misc. cooking items.
Even though the refrigerators don’t seem to work, I store my perishables in them.
I store boxed food and ingredients in cabinets.
And I always leave a mop in the corner. Just in case. ;p

Living room
I store books in the bookshelves and not much else, lol.

Medical things.

I stuff my clothes into the dresser and I keep all of my weapons and other important things right beside my bed.
I’ll often store my nonperishable goods in the corner somewhere.

I use this room as either
A - A workshop where I keep my tools and whatnot.
B - A place to dump all my useless junk.


I stuff things into whatever furniture is around, that is, I have a cooking pile, non-perishables pile, medicine pile, clothing pile, tools pile and crafting crap pile. And a chemicals pile.

The tip about lockers and other non LOS blocking furniture is great, I’m gonna make some lockers and use them until I get a vehicle running.

Well first off, I find a military bunker, usually by then I have managed to get my hands on a couple grenades (usually by dead military teams) i blow up the front gate get in and look in the armory rooms for a grenade launcher in which i use concussive grenades to blow up each glass window, then i clean everything up and designate each room for different things( living quarters, armory, kitchen, medical center, crafting center and then i reserve my last room for anything i need to store temporarily. once i have this temporary base set up then i have a mission to find a LMOE shelter, once i have found this i will usually move the bulk of my needed and favorite stuff to the new safehouse

once in the LMOE i begin an effort to find as many atomic lamps as i can( cause im slightly stupid and can not figure out how to properly light an area) then i use the actual armory for my weapons, the bathroom for my meds, the bedroom for my living quarters, the crafting rooms for such.

Get a car, some everything in there.

I pretty much sort mine into a few basic piles
Bed - This is where I leave all my books, handheld gaming device, mp3 player, cookies, etc
Going Out: Armor, loaded weapons, canteen of water, duffel bags, folded bike, and all those other things that I only use if I’m leaving my base.
Tailoring - rags, plastic, leather, fur, etc
Electronics - All the junk you get from disassembling things, I put this next to the Tailoring pile so that scrap/plastic is on hand if needed
Explosives - A couple squares away from my pile of fire extinguishers
Non-perishable Food/Drinks
Fuel - Gasoline, hydrogen, plutonium, charcoal, batteries, wood
Vehicle Parts is more like a 3x3 than a simple pile
Excess Weapons and Ammo
Junk - Because I horde a bunch of useless stuff also

Then I usually drag an ice cream cart back to my base and rig it with a small engine/alternator to run the mini-fridge, which is where all my perishable food goes.

Once I have a ‘decent’ vehicle with some cargo spaces, I add a Booze section, it turns out you can shove two entire barrels of single malt into a cargo space, I’m pretty sure they will outlive this character though.

I almost always use mobile bases and I use to sort everything by category, but it became more of a hassle then its worth so now I just unload everything into a trunk till it gets full, thanks to advance inventory management I can select all surrounding squares and search for what I want, Also when moving hundreds of items use “,” it will move all, I use to be doing it by moving each item separately with m.

List of the piles I make:
-Pile of books near computer/window/light source
-Sewing Kit, threads, and clothes that I want to patch up in a pile near the aforementioned light source
-Separate piles for rags, leather/fur, plastic chunks/kevlar/nomex, all near the light source for sewing and repairing armor
-Pile of usable wood and nails
-Pile of scrap metal, steel, and pipes
-Pile of kindling. This includes splintered wood, wool clothes that I don’t want, paper, and rotten food.
-Pile of food near my fireplace for easy cooking
-Pile of tools specifically used for cooking food and chemicals, next to the food pile
-Pile of chemistry ingredients on the opposite side of the fireplace, as many of those require nearby fire as well.
-Pile of ranged weapons
-Pile of ammunition and spare weapon mods
-Pile of tools
-Pile of miscellaneous crafting supplies
-Separate spot for duct tape and batteries so I can easily grab them
-Pile of drugs and meds

-And finally, the “Essentials” pile right near the door, usually consisting of spare ammo for my current gun, a towel, a flashlight, a couple first aid kits and disinfectant bottles, one or two backpacks, a raincoat, some bandages, some clean water, and nonperishable food. This is essentially my OH SHIT pile, so that I can grab everything there and bug out of my shelter if I get attacked by a horde or something. It’s also the place where I store things that I’ll need in a minute, so I don’t lose track of them.

Then later I pick the piles up off the floor, construct a bookcase or display rack or bench or whatever’s most appropriate, and place them in that instead. Then when I find spray paint or a marker I label the floor in front of each pile for convenience.

One of these days I’ll build my own house and actually make separate rooms like a kitchen and master bedroom.