Sorting Yer Booty/Loot/Crap/Stuff

This is a relatively rudimentary question and no doubt has been asked before, but my search-foo is weak…

How do you guys organize your hauls from raids? I drop my loot into piles based upon the category assigned by the game (eg. weapons, tools, spare parts, other, etc.) But in truth, the assigned categories don’t always make sense and these piles quickly get unwieldy (thanks to most items being un-stackable). Searching with the (V) key can help find an item if you know what you are looking for, but this is only a partial solution. Ive taken to keeping containers and consumables like batteries and charcoal in their own piles, but finding a less commonly used item in a multiple page pile is a pain. Crafting is also a pain and clumsy given the number of tiles required to organize loot (then needing tiles for a light source, charcoal kiln, fireplace, fermenting vat and how the heck am I supposed to get my vehicle mounted accessories here as well?)

I don’t know about you guys, but the crafting system is just far too bulky for there to be any change of me really memorizing the recipes. My solution thus far has been keeping everything needed in a corner of my base, but as Ive whined about above, it still is a hassle.

Do you feel the same, or am I missing some obvious solution?

This sounds like a job for the Advanced Inventory system. It really should be talked about more.

Stand within one tile of your crap and hit the slash key. Now you’re looking at a screen divided into two panels, each with a little grid above them of the numbers 1 through 9.

Those numbers dictate which tile that panel is viewing the contents of, based on their numpad position. That is to say, pressing 8 will cause that panel to show the contents of the square to the north of you, while pressing 4 will show the square to the west of you, and so forth. Each panel can be set to a different tile, and by moving items from one panel to the other, you can move objects between tiles without having to pick them up.

You have the following commands:

s = Lets you choose how the view is sorted. Sorting by category is generally the most convenient.

M = Move the currently selected item to the other panel. If the object is a quantity, this will move them all.

m = The same, but the game will ask how many of a given item you want to move.

v = Toggle between looking inside a vehicle and looking on the ground. For example, looking in the trunk of a car versus looking at the road directly under the trunk.

i = Causes the panel to display your own inventory, allowing you to move things in and out of it.

w = Same, but displays your worn items.

c = Views the inside of a container, for example a barrel. If you attempt to move a bottle of water into an empty barrel, for example, you’ll just empty that bottle into it. This lets you move liquids around without having to pick up the actual containers and unload them by hand.

a = Views the contents of all nine squares within range. Just set one panel to this, and the other to your inventory, and you can suck up any item around you without even having to care exactly what square it’s in.

Once you get the hang of it, your organizational problems are solved. You can basically just chuck everything into a big heap and let the Advanced Inventory show it to you in an organized fashion.

I just drop all in a pile in the middle of my base and every now and then i pick all my storage gear to sort it around, using the advanced inventory to quickly pick up depending where I need to put it.

Right in the middle I have all my tool, food, coffee/tea to pick/use before I go out. That’s pretty much what I do every time, somewhat. As all is in range of the crafting search from the middle (but guns), I can craft everything i want here.

Crafting radius is 6 tiles, meaning you can put it all in 13x13 square with you in the center.
Keep unpassable furniture at the edge.
Keep light source in the center. A single vehicle tile with controls, a battery, a seat, a foot pedal and an alternator would be enough to craft.

If you want your forges to be all vehicle ones (so that they consume battery power), you can make a small, thin “pseudo-vehicle” at the edge of the crafting room.

Then you still have a 11x11-1 spots to segregate stuff.

I’d split it into 4 squares, each sized 5x5.
First one would be raw materials (scrap, wood, amplifiers etc.)
Second one food (with edible food close to center and materials like flour further)
Third one gear and tools
Fourth one expensive crap like CBMs and books

[quote=“Oragepoilu, post:3, topic:11063”]I just drop all in a pile in the middle of my base and every now and then i pick all my storage gear to sort it around, using the advanced inventory to quickly pick up depending where I need to put it.

Right in the middle I have all my tool, food, coffee/tea to pick/use before I go out. That’s pretty much what I do every time, somewhat. As all is in range of the crafting search from the middle (but guns), I can craft everything i want here.[/quote]

Are those closets/lockers in the middle of the room? Because I personally am not a fan of them at all, sure they keep your ‘V’ screen less cluttered, but i’m pretty sure it’ll also make it a bigger slog to just craft things when you can’t look inside them… Personally i’m all about racks, they get plenty of volume and allow me to see inside of them from distance.

Middle is cupboard (hide items, can still use them from afar), top right is locker, right side is racks.

However you cannot use racks or locker in the middle of your base as they block you ability to use item behind it. That’s why they are only present near the wall.

Locker can hold 8000, rack 7000, cupboard 4000; Locker block vision, rack do not. That why I used rack instead of locker, so I can see my plants while I don’t care to block vision at the top right, as my room is right behind it (no light to sleep).

Yes, I can’t search for my stuff with (V) ; But as I play this since, well, when it wasn’t even dark days ahead, it’s easy to figure where is my stuff. It do not stop me from crafting.

Top of it I have nothing I’d like to search; Tool are near me, thing that reload (charcoal, sinew) are right near me too, food & coffee too; no point in keeping the other junk near me.

I order all my shit together in the top right corner of the evac center whenever I play a default game, on the floor in piles. Piles are organized for book, food/containers, tools, components, ammo/weapons/armor, and meds/mutagens. This way I can just stand in the middle of all my shit and see anything I could craft.

Typically depend where Im sorting to and how much space there is and why.

Space being infinite I put together:

-Frames of various types get their own tiles
-glass sheets
-small misc vehicle parts
-seats and rope

Into the same room but off the floor or into crates:

-batteries, alternators, and solar panels
-vehicle ‘mods’
-tools, extra
-nails, ducttape, batteties, etc
-a spare set of important tools
-pipes and sheet metal
-chunks, lumps, and scraps of steel, wires
-metal ‘trash’

In a chemical area:

-books, syringes
-dry powders
-bottles of crap
-chem set or vehicle mounted version and spare cloths
-mutagen, purifier, serum, empty flasks
-matierials not listed elsewhere
-used containers

In an adjacent workbench:

-copper, scrap, solder
-spare parts
-batteries and tools
-box of undisassembled stuff
-box of assembled stuff
-Gun mods
-powders and casings
-Empty space for priority tasks
-more spare parts

In a kitchen area:

-Space with atomic lighting
-water purifier
-smoker, dehydrator, vacuum sealer, etc.
-ammo for above
-Cannibal locker
-crafted nonperishables
-spare cooking tools
-decorations stuff

In an armory:

-smg (eww)
-mounted guns and launchers
-ammo chest
-favorite weapons rack
-armor rack

In a bedroom:

-nightstand for spare bits
-bed w/blankets
-dresser with leg bits
-dresser with torso bits
-dresser with socks and arm warmers and etc
-hat rack
-light armor and coat chest
-specialty chest for special items to wear
-cbms storage

In a reading room:

-a chair and table, w/atomic light and current books and toastems
-a weapon display stand
-cooking books and first aid
-Weaon books and survival and trapping
-communication and barter books
-construction and fabrication books
-electronics, mechanics, and computer books
-JFF books

And outside:

-grave markers for dead pets and companions
-trash pit for whole bodies
-trash pit for meat and veggies
-trash pit for bags and glass
-bone pile
-crap i have too much of (take if you want npc) pile
-log pile
-2x4 pile
-splintered pile

Here’s the crafting area for my current, soon to be abandoned base.

Bottom left corner are items that are mostly in the food, chemical, and spare parts category. I may have to drag some stuff into the area, such as pipes or two by fours, but for most part it’s easy enough to know when I need to do that, and for most of my survivor’s crafting needs almost everything needed is within the crafting area.

Still, for most part the design focuses on trying to look pretty for the most part, and for my next base it will be even more so.

Experimental version (don’t know when it was added or if it was already in copper); I found the best solution for the lazy guy … but it need some luck (dunno how much) and quite some skill (elec 8 mostly)

I was able to make today a Cargo dimension (require cargo carrier - easy-, teleporter -easy trap in lab-, portal generator - found one outside near corpses).

The worst part is the portal generator I guess.

Well anyway, it give 1 000 000 volume, and fit perfectly in a very small car. As usual you can craft from afar of it. As I like to get a nice base, I just remove it to make his stuff drop, but at this point it can be really easy to just pack everything into it (but maybe some food on your seat) and forget about it.

edit : okay my bad you can pick some stuff from the advanced inventory.

[ul][list]It depends on the building I’m setting up for my base, and I don’t much remodeling, but for the sake of simplicity I’ll talk about my general must haves for me.

[li]A table for all spare parts (rags, metal, etc)[/li]
[li]A table full of tools[/li]
[li]A table full of utility ammunition (batteries, thread, plutonium, charcoal, etc)[/li]
[li]A bookcase full of recipe books[/li]
[li]A fridge full of perishable foods[/li]
[li]A table full of nonperishable foods[/li]
[li]A table for food ingredients[/li]
[li]A table for drinks[/li]
[li]A fireplace (wood stove or stone fireplace)[/li]
[li]A place for the firewood to go (Sadly burning most things doesn’t get rid of them…)[/li]

I mainly live in that area, that’s why I put my food so close, but I have a bedroom for reasons. Oh, and the things I just listed have to be withing crafting range of each other. I think it’s at least a 7x7 area for crafting :wink:

Aside from the crafting area, I have a bedroom. This entails;

[li]A bed[/li]
[li]A dresser to store clothes[/li]
[li]A locker to store armor[/li][/list]

The bedroom is modular, because I’ll store many more things such as electronics, or weapons if I don’t have much room, which I’ll get to in a moment…

Now that’s all for my basics. Notice how I have a furniture item storing all of my items. A table or a locker will look much better in game and in your mind that having a literal pile of guns and ammo on the ground.

That aside, this is what I consider to be placed anywhere within reason;
[li]A gun locker[/li]
[li]A locker for ammunition[/li]
[li]A locker for melee weapons[/li]
[li]A table for cbms[/li]
[li]A table for important electronics (mp3 player, tablet, UPS, etc)[/li]

Now these items are unnecessary to organize, but if you collect enough of it, organize it.

[li]A place for light generating objects (lighters, matchbooks, flares, hotpacks, etc)[/li]
[li]A place for long string and rope[/li]
[li]A place for chemicals[/li]
[li]A place for medication (painkillers, first aid kits, etc)[/li]

And that’s it. I’ll post a pic later.[/list][/ul]


Thwap forgot the ‘d’ for dragged item. I’ll often loot with a shopping cart being dragged along. One panel is ‘a’ and the other is ‘d’. So I can just dump everything I want into the shopping cart.
Also, don’t forget ‘f’ to filter out particular items.

The way I sort everything in my base…
T: Tools and items other things I need to find easily. (aka batteries and the like)
C: Crafting pile (and anything else I don’t need to find easily)
P: Pile of clothes I care about.
B: Pile of books.
F: Piles of food and medicine.
#: Fireplace
W: Pile of weapons and ammo.

Was living in a LMOE shelter recently and my piles generally go like this…


I usually divide my stuff into these categories when living in a deathmobile where tile space is at a premium.

Stuff I use to fight: Guns, ammo, melee weapons, armor, explosives, turrets, manhacks.

Stuff I consume: Food, beverages, drugs, booze, mutagen.

Stuff I need to make things: Spare parts, vehicle parts, tools, containers, chemicals.

Stuff I consider special or important: Plutonium, batteries, artifacts, bionics I’m waiting to install, books I’m waiting to read, etcetera. If it doesn’t quite fit in any of the other categories or I think it’s worthy of particular attention, it goes here.

I usually organize the stuff around me on the floor. Clothes where I stand. Then I can reach all my stuff from one spot, I never have to move, even when I eat and sleep.

When I get a vehicle I have to spread my stuff out more. I make each storage tile accessible from the outside with doors so that I easily can dump my stuff after raids.

Eh, until very recently, I’ve basically been dropping my shit wherever, and used V and F to not be totally lost. I remember someone cried last time I posted a pic of my base.