How to open the closed metal door on the mansion

I tried to use makeshift crowbar but it says “nothing to pry” and tried lockpick and it also says"nothing to lockpick. The closed metal door is behind the bookshelves.

Acetylene torch. Or pickaxe/jackhammer the wall nearby. I wouldn’t bother though, never found anything great in those closed sections.

Here are all the ways I know off:

As for blasting through it; it probably destroyes whatever’s behind the door, so apply with care.

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I don’t think we’ve set it up but I still want to add a chance to find a survivor in the safe room.

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you can jackhammer the metal door it self no need to do it on the wall if you want the metal materials

Are you sure about that? Typically metal door can be broken only with acetylene torches, while jackhammers tend to work on walls.

yes, just did it on experimental