How to measure the in-game volume?

Hi, I’m Mark.

I are making a new Mod and I want to learn how to calculate the in-game volume of items.

e.g. I have a sword that have a total length of 2 meters (200 cm or 78,7 inch) how do I convert theses numbers to in-game "volume"

The same for a knife that have 40 cm ( 0,4 m or 15,7 inch)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

volume is in milliliters.

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Thanks for explaining that to me. But how do I convert 2 meters in milliliters? If you know a manner to do that I’ll be glad

It’s length is 2 meters.
Find it’s width and height in meters.
Multiply those together.
Divide by 1000000.


Thanks. That is the answer i are looking for. Now my mod will be realistic. Thanks