Toolbox (empty) is jank

Made myself a toolbox so I could keep all my fidgety bits in a nice, contained little package. Imagine my astonishment when I discovered that the box I had built could hold only a hammer, hacksaw, and wrench, and nothing longer than 7 inches. Strange enough, since the toolbox itself is described as only 5 inches long. Doesn’t sound like any toolbox I’ve ever seen.

Did some looking. The average toolbox, the one that most likely comes to mind when you think of the word “toolbox”, probably looks a bit like this.

That’s a 21" Voyager steel toolbox from Harbor Freight. H/L/W are 10" x 21.25" x 8.625". Shaving off a bit to account for the walls, internal volume should be something to the effect of 10" x 21" x 8.5", or 1785 cubic inches, which converts to roughly 29.25 L. Say a round 28-29 if you want to account for the drawers and all that, too. More than enough space to hold a bunch of tools.

Nested containers is pretty cool and all, but hoo boy did it introduce some kinks that desperately need ironing out.

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Fixing the dimensions of a json object is maybe the easiest thing possible in the game. Go ahead and PR it.

Basic guide for getting started:


“id”: “toolbox_empty”,
“type”: “TOOL”,
“name”: { “str”: “toolbox”, “str_pl”: “toolboxes” },
“description”: “This is a stout metal box for containing tools. It has a handle on the top and a latch on the front.”,
“weight”: “4309 g”,
“volume”: “30 L”,
“longest_side” : “54 cm”,
“price”: 12999,
“price_postapoc”: 3000,
“to_hit”: -2,
“bashing”: 8,
“material”: [ “steel” ],
“symbol”: “;”,
“color”: “red”,
“pocket_data”: [ { “max_contains_volume”: “28 L”, “max_contains_weight”: “11340 g”, “max_item_length”: “58 cm”, “rigid”: true } ]

Dimensions are approximately accurate to the example provided earlier. Max item length calculated according the hypotenuse of length and width. If this means the materials required for the crafting recipe are no longer adequate, I suppose something will have to be done about that eventually. Up for grabs to any GitHub user who wants to; I don’t care much for credit.