Undo displaying volume in mL

Can we please go back to displaying volume in arbitrary size units of about 250mL? I go to pick up a pile of my stuff and I see volume 10455/16099 and I have no idea how much that is or whether I have enough storage. My brain does not want to compare five digit numbers to each other routinely.

The old system worked fine. The new system is unnecessarily complicated. Why make this change?

Don’t worry, mlangsdorf. They (dev’s) are aware of this. It’s been discussed on https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/18279.

I’m too very annoyed by the “five digit” volumes too, but I’m sure they will address the problem with great care. Just be patient or, better yet, make your suggestions on git too.

I think in the end they will come to a solution like to “exhibit volumes just like it used to be” for volumes >1, but for volumes <1 exhibit it in “ml” or “.15”, “.25”, etc.

Let’s hope for the best!

There’s this little mind trick you can perform on yourself. You can read volumes such as 10455/16099 as 10/16. I’m surprised that 2x5 digits is too much to read. It isn’t to me. I think I’d get annoyed at around 2x7 digit figures, especially if there were no separators. But still, I’d just read the first 2-4 digits and ignore the rest.

I think there should just be a hotkey toggle for the volume number, cycling between ‘rounded’ and ‘exact’, and possibly few others. Maybe drop a text line in the inventory saying “toggle volume display modes with Q” or whatever.