How volume stat works with respect to the car storage values?

OK, I have looked everywhere I can think of, the wiki, searching these forums, in-game ?, and I’ve come up completely empty handed on how to square (or cube) these 2 numbers out.

Why is it that my car’s trunk says Vol: 650 on the examine screen, yet when I actually dump my items into it I’m left with only a quarter of that number (meaning 162.5 L)?

Am I misunderstanding the units here somehow? Is there some kind of swap between metric and imperial units that gives this 25% ratio that isn’t obvious?

I think the issue is that cars are still using the old volume measurement where 1 volume was equal to a quarter liter. We’re still ironing out the problems with moving over to full liters.

I think you are correct Hibou. Intuitively I didn’t think 250ml units made sense for anything but from what I’ve seen I guess the old system quite literally was in quarter litres. So basically the system is still in transition from legacy volumes.

1001:    // Currently JSON data contains volume in 250ml units.
1002:    // TODO: change JSON to contain milliliter values.
        "type" : "vehicle_part",
        "id" : "trunk",
        "size" : 650,

So…multiply vehicle storage parts storage values by 4 until they get around to changing the storage?