M.A.G. Armory Mod

Hi there. I’m Mark, and again i will be posting a new mod that i working.
The mod will add new ammunition, new armors (OP), new guns and new weapons (OP too).

  • If you want to help me out, I will be very glad.

》Currently the progress of the mod is:

  • [19/11/2019]
  1. Added .50 Action Express;
  2. Added Desert Eagle .50 AE;
  3. Added Snake eyes Katana (Ninjato);
  • [26/11/2019]
  1. added 20x102mm ammunition;
  2. added AMT AutoMagV;
  3. added Anzio 20mm rifle;

I will put here a beta test for you guys testing and suggest improvements. Thank you very much for support :slight_smile: Keep checking for updates.

Link: GitHub

Hey thanks for your efforts. Have you read the guides on how to get started?

If you get it on github on the cleverraven repository that would be great because it comes with the base game. If you host it on your own github repository you can sibmit an issue at the game launcher github repository to get your mod added as a third party mod:

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Thanks for the help. I’ll see if I learn how to put it the GitHub

New update: 26/11/2019