[ATTENTION: PLEASE READ] Bug Submission Guidelines

Since we have a larger number of players who are generous enough to act as free bug testers, here are some basic guidelines to follow when posting bug reports. Please include these things at the top of your post:

  1. The version you are using. This should be the version number followed by either “stable” (“0.8 stable”) or followed by the ending digits of the version number displayed on the title screen. (If the title screen displays “0.8-1649-g5ff625d” then please post “0.8 g5ff625d”). Github sorts by the last digits so it’s much easier to track down what exact version you are using if we know them.
  2. Whether you are using The Curses or SDL versions of the game. If you can turn on tiles you are using the SDL version, if switching that option does nothing you are using the Curses one.
  3. What OS you are running. This one isn’t as important, but if you are reporting a crash please make sure to include it.
  4. If your bug involves translation or string errors please post the system locale as well.

So an example post would look like this:
0.8 g40b731
Windows 7

Insert post content here
Lastly, while it’s sometimes helpful to post multiple tiny bugs in a single thread, please do not revive older “multiple bug” threads to report new bugs, as it quickly becomes difficult to tell which have been fixed yet or not. Instead just simply make a new thread, it keeps things much cleaner and easier to understand.

Thank you for cooperating, by doing this you are enabling us to responds more quickly to bug reports and enable them to be fixed faster; therefore making Cataclysm a better and bug-free game for all of us.

Why don’t you stick this thread?

Should we post the system locale too, or that doesn’t matter?

It should only matter in translation or string errors (and the hopefully fixed decimal point problem), and I’ve updated the OP to reflect accordingly.

If you get a debug message, it is usually worthwhile to list the entire debug message, as they contain some information where the error occurs in the code. This helps devs a lot in locating the code that is bugging.

It would be nice to rename the title of the bug to include “fixed”, “by design”, etc when the issue has been resolved. Of course perhaps that’s asking too much of people.

Topic creators can mod the titles of topics they create, as can admins, so this is workable. May take a while for momentum to build up though. :-/