How to get started with dev for CDDA?

I’m dealing with a bug in CDDA 0.E-2 and while I put an issue request into GitHub, I thought I’d put my C++ experience to use and see if I can reproduce it in a debuggable build.

Soo… I’m able to compile the 0.E branch using VC++ 2019, but I’m having linkage issues in the App - I think cause it can’t find the GCC windows libraries, maybe?

Guess what I’m looking for is the “here’s what you do to build it with MS tools” howto or FAQ, so I don’t ask too many annoying questions.


You might be looking for this or the in the doc folder.

Just saw doc/COMPILING/ - so I’ll work with that for now

You mean something like this compiler info?

Or, in case you look for some specific documentary, check