(resolved) Attempting to play 0.E-2 stable and my eyes bleed on the overmap

(edit3) Resolution… I’ve reorganized the post to leave behind salient details in case someone else ends up in a vaguely similar situation…

So I had trouble getting C:DDA 0.E-2 (stable) to compile because windows versions now required libbacktrace which as it turns out is NOT included in mxe. I had updated mxe thinking it would be present but nope. I had to read through build-scripts/requirements.sh (which I found with grep btw) to find the important commands and then tweak them for my build setup rather than how travis (or whatever) is configured.

After getting setup and compiled, adding in my preferred overmap font I thought I’d try the new (to me) ‘look at the sky’ command and got blinding headache from the screen. Turns out the whole overmap was headache inducing to look at.

Initially assuming something off about C:DDA I ended up trying an easy to find commit which I knew was good (b7c728482076c39c2fb338de75f089d81dd31819) and that was still very hard to look at. So probably not C:DDA…

The next biggest variable (after the little ones - my build scripts) ended up being mxe which I had updated trying to get a successful compile. I didn’t know what commit my old mxe was at but thankfully the backup I had of mxe was still valid unlike my C:DDA personal repository backup (I lost a lot thanks to tar not recording the contents of .git/refs//, yes files and dirs but no content in those files).

After restoring that backup of mxe (sha-1 b7c728482076c39c2fb338de75f089d81dd31819) and compiling 0.E-2 it worked without being blinded. Compiled my few code changes and it also worked so resolution.

I’ve left the original images in this edit.
The first one is the blinding sample I’d see on windows. The second is the exact same configuration but compiled/running on linux. The third is the font I’m using.

My biggest lesson is that as per usual I should have skipped posting/wasting other’s time. With proper application of troubleshooting I hit on a resolution.

My fonts.json:
“typeface”: [ “Terminus”, “unifont” ],
“map_typeface”: [ “Terminus”, “unifont” ],
“overmap_typeface”: [ “retroasciifont20.png”, “Terminus”, “unifont” ]
Config will need overmap font size set to 20.


Libbacktrace prebuilt binaries can be found here - https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/36615.

But why do you even want to use cross compile for Windows under Linux instead of building under Windows itself?

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Oh, thanks for that!
Until now just compiled it with BACKTRACE=0 to get around this…

Because setting up a windows build environment is a pain? I cross compile from WSL for ease of use.

It is actually not true anymore. Setting up cross compile is probably harder than using MSYS or VS with VCPKG.

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setting up msys is basically trivial, and setting up with VS via vcpkg is only running a few commands in command line.

Hard to beat the ease of something that was already working fine - just needed to properly get the archive and extract it. I’ll give VS another try when I look at hopping on the experimental branch… Thanks for the heads up.

In my case cross compile is because around two years ago after about an hour of waiting for VS on Windows to get somewhere I thought… ‘I’ve got this whole other computer and I’ve read that cross compile is a thing…’ I opened up a terminal and got going. I had cross compile working before VS was done with install, not counting all the stuff that needed to be done post install to build C:DDA with VS.

Another plus for me is with cross compile I can issue a command and forget it. A different computer takes care of it, not tying up mine. That’s nice. Bonus points being that computer has an M.2 ssd with enough space after the OS and other stuff to casually build some projects on.