How do you compile on VS2017?


I read/followed the instructions from

The dependency script(s) didn’t work so I followed the instructions via ‘Dependency install commands for vcpkg in doc do not work #37623

Ok loaded up solution in VS and went into compile, said it was missing ‘SDL.h’ - thought the vcpkg was supposed to fix that? Copied over windepends into root directory and builds fine (like in way earlier builds) Started to debug and got entry point missing in one of the DLLs (or something to that effect).

So… did someone actually follow the instructions on a clean system? Or what am I missing?

PS - I wanted to do a specific build # but following the instructions in the document (eg git cloning) doesn’t work either.

Win 10 64 bit. Ran all commands in Administrator Command Prompt.


I got it working today, worked for me.

I actually got CDDA to compile myself. Couple things to note first:

  1. The CDDA solution still references the Windepends folder with hardcoded folder names.
  2. Essentially, the vspkg installer creates individual folders for each package.

So I copied the individual folders that CDDA uses into their respective folders within Windepends.

Ok so I got it to compile. Now when I debug it I get a crash within the SDL_free function :confused:

I’ll look at the youtube link you provided and see if anything from there will help. Hopefully we don’t have to make too many changes to the solutions settings.

Thanks btw.

PS - I’m using compiling build 10301

I’m using the latest version on github, and VS 2019. After I got the VSPKG and SDL installed, I was getting a bunch of errors but retargeting the project fixed that.