Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2015, can't compile either way

The docs suggest that the Visual Studio 2013 compiler will not be able to compile cdda correctly, but that Visual Studio 2015 will. However, Visual Studio 2015 has… issues, when it comes to using SDL 2, and it seems like you have to not only recompile the libraries, but also alter the source code of the libraries to make it compatible.

So with that in mind… is it actually a fools errand to even try setting cdda up under VS2013? My bare efforts have not worked so far, but I haven’t deeply troubleshot yet once I saw the notice.

If it is a fool’s errand, then: Does anyone have the dependency libraries working with VS2015 that they could upload somewhere?

VS2013 is out unless you can convince it to use a compiler that supports the C++11 features we use.
No idea about the libraries, not a windows user.

I would recommend taking the MSYS2 approach for compilation, unless you really need to compile from VS2015.

In which case… I’ll add it to my list of compilation methods to verify & write up, but CLion took enough time & frustration that it won’t be for a week or so at the very minimum.

I checked the visual studio 2015 C++11 support, and it still looks a bit patchy for my liking. It looks good enough to me, nothing that I’ve observed in use in the codebase is unsupported.

Nevertheless, I would strongly recommend that you try to use msys 2 or whatever nonsense for compiling linux things for windows.

I like Visual Studio’s interface too, but this looks like too much work for me to want to do it.