How to get planks in a forest

im playing the wilderness scenario with no citys or any other buildings
i cant chop logs into planks with my adze
i also cant use the construction menu to chop trunks since it requires tree cutting 2
is there some stone tool with tree cutting 2?
maybe i can find planks when foraging underbushes?
how do i get those planks

Short answer: you don’t.
Slightly longer answer: you can find abandoned barn-like structures in the field even in deep wilderness. Those can be deconstructed for planks.
Long-reaching implications counter-question: what do you even need a plank for?

Foraging can give you odd items, so if you persist long enough you can probably get some steel you can hammer into an axe shape (there is such a recipe). That is provided wilderness scenarios don’t also modify the drop tables to exclude “inappropriate” items.

A little late on the reply here, but in case others wonder, you can craft planks using a stone adze.

Under the construction menu, there’s an option to craft logs into planks. Note this is the tile object log, such as you get after chopping down a tree, not the inventory object log you can pick up.

Takes an hour per log, but can be done with primitive tools of you really need planks for some reason.

Also, with high levels of survival and fabrication you should be able to craft a stone axe, which has tree cutting 2 (IIRC)

Nope, sadly not.