Primitive Plank

Do you want to play a pure wilderness or my island scenario but you can’t cut logs into plank with your pitty primitive axes for some reason? then this mod is the answer!.

Primitive planks goal is to make your primitive or some say handmade axes able to cut logs to planks!
This mod is for people who are bothered by why they can’t cut log to planks with handmade axes and people who wants to play on the wilderness scenario and island scenario but anyway
here’s the installation.

  2. Download the zip of course
  3. extract the zip
  4. place the Primitive_planks to your mod folder
  5. activate the mod in your world it’s on rebalance
  6. done Enjoy!

Axes that have regained the ability to cut logs to planks.

  1. copper ax i know this is not a primitive axe but why not.
  2. hand axe.
  3. makeshift axe.
  4. primitive axe.

if you’re also wondering why a hand axe cannot cut logs into planks in vanilla, this is a picture of a hand axe.

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You would still be able to make planks with that, it just wouldn’t be a worthwhile investment of time(it’d take forever). And besides, primitives didn’t use plank construction.

Honestly though, next thing you know plank making with axes is removed entirely and require you to use a sawmill.


I mean… There’s more types of hand axes than the literal first image off google images.

Like this one.

Or this one.


those are hatchets. this is why people are confused about why a hand axe in game can’t chop wood.

Those are handheld axes, but they are not at all what the hand axe that exists in game represents.

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This reminds me why I want riving logs to be a proficiency.

You can make a plank from a log using a blade and a driving hammer, like a hand axe and a large enough stick. It’s just hard to do properly. Now that we have proficiencies, I can implement it correctly.

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Don’t forget wooden wedges to keep those splits open throughout. The blade just starts the split.

Be fun if we could build our own 18th/19th-century style sawmills.

(maybe we can now, for all I know. I haven’t updated recently because I still like playing with the Dark Skies Above mod.)

I used to work with some Mennonite builders who would go through every step from fresh-felled tree to free-standing structure. Wish I had been able to stay with them long enough to learn more about how to do that.

At some point, that sort of technical backstep should be supported yep.