Tree Trunks

So i Set up a “shelter kit” in the middle of the woods and plan on making a little camp with holes around it and all that to satisfy my “wilderness challenge” needs , thing is , i had to cut down like 10 trees and now i have about 25 tree trunks laying around stopping me from completing my camp , i also i’m a clean freak (i have to mop up Z-blood around my camp) , i also hate disorginization
TL;DR : how the fuck do you destroy 25 tree trunks without turning them all to planks ?
(i dont have a fire starter like lighters or matches yet , so i cant burn em )

I would have said “build a charcoal kiln and convert them into useful charcoal” but that’s not an option for you.

Can you stack them all in a corner somewhere until you learn the secret of fire?

I’d chop them into logs and store them near wherever your campfire is going to be.

Failing that, supress your OCD and move them out of the way, maybe to where you want to expand your camp into a log wall treefort eventually. It’s what I did once.

It’s chop into logs, then into planks, right? Has that changed? Chopping may take less time than you realize. But I’m rusty.

both actually , you can use the construction menu to chop trunks to logs and then planks or just straight up chop trunks into planks

logs can be used to create palisade walls, nice defense agaist most attackers it allows player to shoot targets behimd it and its realy tought, probaly harder than most pre cataclysm walls

Make the logs, then put them into a corner until you skill up enough to not lose half the wood to incompetence.

I would cheat in a matchbox, just to burn the trunks away, and then finally toss the matchbox into the flames as well. It’s like nothing ever happened. No one has to know. No one can prove otherwise.

i got a whole lot more shit since then , i’ll just make 'em into firewood