Getting NPCs to make planks

Hi folks - I am looking for help getting NPCs to make planks from logs. I’ve made a faction camp for the first time and I can’t figure out how to make this work - the option doesn’t even appear in the base mission menu. I have tools, but maybe they’re not in the right place? I can’t even get NPCs to do it by telling them directly (I get a message instantly saying they’ve completed the task, but they don’t do anything). Could someone give me a detailed walkthrough on how to get NPCs to make planks? I feel like I must be missing something obvious. Thanks for any help.

Some reasons companions “complete” tasks without performing them:

  • They don’t have the tools required, and fail (for whatever obscure reason) to pick them up from storage. Explicitly trading the required tools to them can help with that (took me a long time to figure out why the buggers wouldn’t butcher carcasses: they needed a saw for the bones in addition to a knife for the butchering itself).
  • Someone blocks their path (common with sorting stuff).
  • The target (or tool) location isn’t within the reality bubble.

You don’t need faction camps for that, just press Y and define a new planks from logs zone. Then trade the tools to the NPCs and ask them to do that via d->h in talk menu.

I don’t see the option for a “planks from logs” zone. I see “Loot:Wood” and “Chop Trees”?

Hmm, you are right.

I think you need to setup a loot:wood zone with logs and tell NPC d->h->i. It takes very long, though. A much faster way to gain planks should be NPCs deconstructing furniture. Planters and beds for example. the latter also gives you a ton of rags.