How to get past rebar cage? (lab)

I’ve tried electric jackhammer, jackhammer, arc welder… is it something that can be disassembled or do you have to use explosives?

Did you try to (a)ctivate a hacksaw and chose Cut metal?

Arc welder can only repair… you might want to try an acetylene torch.

Sledge hammer might also work, but no guarantee.


yoooou need a hacksaw, if its what i’m thinking of.

whatever tool you use needs ‘metal sawing’, which, the only two tools available for that are the hacksaw and the power cutter from aftershock.

technically an integrated toolset would also work… but you cant activate it the same way

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Hacksaw is it! Thanks for the tip :smiley:

This was one of the pretties I found in the barracks at the lab :slight_smile:


nnnnice~ good luck finding a big enough pile of .308 to actually use it though, haha!

It isn’t so rare. Random humvee or armored car may have 7.62 ammo belts.

huh~ most of the guns I find are .223 (5.56) or .50 cal if i’m lucky

… i guess it also depends on the mods you have as well.

Scrubs use a hacksaw to cut through the rebar.
Survivors use sledgehammers to hammer their way through.
Ubermutants use their bare fists to bash their way through.
Robocop uses quantum teleportation to teleport their way through.
Nerd cooks up dynamite and blows up rebar cage with C4.
Chad makes barrelbomb and blows up rebar cage.
Uberchad uses mininuke to clear everything in his path.


Depending on your strength (and how similar you prepare your kit), the crowbar that you likely have will work fine. You’ll need a plank to fill the hole, but those aren’t hard to find in labs.