How to get back to a normal sleeping schedule?

I’ve stayed up late a few times recently and now I can’t fall asleep before 2-3. Is there a way to get back to sleeping from 22:00-6:00?

take some sleeping pills or chug on some nyquil

Do not take too much Nyquil. I repeat, DO NOT take too much nyquil, I chugged above ten portions of it and I was exhausted for days, I slept for several days in a row. The sleepy effect stacks from when you eat it, and a single night of sleep won’t even come close to eating all that exhaustion up.

lol 10 portions of it…
why do people cant take stuff with moderation?

I have only Nyquill, it didn’t help, I still couldn’t sleep the next day, but staying up about 1 and a half days seems to have helped.

Yeah, very similar to the real world it is extremely difficult to shift your sleep schedule by going to bed when you aren’t tired, but rather easy to shift it by simply staying up longer even when you are tired.

stay up for a while.

Being tired isn’t immediately crippling in this game unless you somehow manage to stay up for several days, and finding a passably safe shelter to sleep in isn’t that hard. You might have a problem if you’re schizophrenic, where you randomly decide to take a nap in the middle of the street, but otherwise being tired isn’t that big of a deal.